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I am acquiring conflicting reports ~ above this. I recognize that there space Lexus"s coming out freshly with yellow fogs OEM so ns am not sure exactly how they could be. Would certainly the legislation say, only Lexus"s have the right to have yellow fogs
The factor I ask is a coworker obtained pulled over at SFO for having yellow fogs. Cop told him the they room only allowed on emergency vehicles which ns think is BS.
Yellow fogs and yellow headlights space both totally legal in California. I have run both on every my dubs v zero issues. Ns have even asked the CHP once pulled over for speeding if there were any problems v them and also been called they to be fine. The only two colors the will acquire you in problem on the prior of a car are Blue and Red.Here is the CVC:Colors the Lamps and Reflectors25950. This section applies to the color of lamps and to any kind of reflector exhibiting or reflecting perceptible irradiate of 0.05 candela or more per foot-candle of event illumination. Unless detailed otherwise, the shade of lamps and also reflectors ~ above a automobile shall be together follows:(a) The emitted light from every lamps and also the reflected light from every reflectors, visible from in prior of a vehicle, shall be white or yellow, except as follows:(1) rear side marker lamps compelled by section 25100 may show red to the front.(2) The color of foglamps defined in ar 24403 might be in the shade spectrum indigenous white come yellow.(b) The emitted irradiate from every lamps and the reflected light from all reflectors, visible from the rear of a vehicle, shall it is in red other than as follows:(1) Stoplamps ~ above vehicles manufactured prior to January 1, 1979, may present yellow come the rear.(2) turn signal lamps may display yellow to the rear.(3) Front next marker lamps compelled by ar 25100 may display yellow come the rear.(4) back-up lamps shall present white come the rear.(5) The rearward facing part of any front-mounted double-faced revolve signal desk lamp may display amber come the behind while the headlamps or parking lamps room lighted, if the intensity of the irradiate emitted is not higher than the parking lamps and also the turn signal duty is no impaired.(6) Reflectors meeting the requirements of and installed in accordance with ar 24611 shall be red or white, or both.(c) all lamps and reflectors clearly shows from the front, sides, or behind of a vehicle, except headlamps, may have any type of unlighted color, listed the emitted light from every lamps or reflected irradiate from all reflectors follows the required color.

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Other than for back-up lamps, the entire efficient projected luminous area that lamps visible from the rear or an installed on the sides close to the rear of a automobile shall be spanned by an within lens the the required color when the unlighted shade differs indigenous the forced emitted irradiate color. Taillamps, stoplamps, and also turn signal lamps that are visible to the rear may be white once unlighted on vehicles manufactured prior to January 1, 1974.