Medically the evaluation by Deborah Weatherspoon, Ph.D., R.N., CRNA — written by Daniela Ginta — updated on march 7, 2019

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What is petroleum jelly make of?

Petroleum jelly (also dubbed petrolatum) is a mixture that mineral oils and also waxes, which kind a semisolid jelly-like substance. This product hasn’t readjusted much because Robert Augustus Chesebrough uncovered it in 1859. Chesebrough noticed the oil workers would use a gooey jelly to heal their wounds and burns. He eventually packaged this jelly together Vaseline.

Petroleum jelly’s services come native its key ingredient petroleum, which help seal your skin v a water-protective barrier. This helps her skin heal and retain moisture. Read on to learn what rather you can use petroleum jelly for.

Benefits and also uses because that petroleum jelly

1. Heal minor skin scrapes and burns

A study reflects that petroleum jelly is efficient in maintaining skin moist during post-surgery healing. This might be particularly an excellent for regular, less dramatic skin injuries. Make sure that the surface you use petroleum jelly on is effectively cleaned and disinfected. Otherwise, bacteria and other pathogens can gain trapped inside and hold-up the heal process.

2. Moisturize your face, hands, and more

Face and body lotion: apply petroleum jelly ~ a shower. Together an occlusive moisturizer, it avoids your skin from dry out. You can also use it because that dry noses throughout cold or allergy season.

Cracked heels: Soak your feet in heat water with some salt included to it. Towel-dry thoroughly and apply petroleum jelly and also clean noodle socks.

Improve her gardening hands: after washing and also drying, use some petroleum jelly and a clean pair the gloves to assist lock in moisture and also accelerate healing.

Chapped lips: use to chapped lips as you would any chapstick.

3. Aid for pet paws

Your dog’s pad skin have the right to crack and also produce a an excellent deal the discomfort. Clean their paws v cotton gauze, dry, and apply the jelly. Ideally this have to be excellent after a walk or when your pets is resting.

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4. Stop diaper rash

Petroleum jelly has actually been shown to alleviate the incidence the diaper rashes in babies. Clean and towel-dry your little one’s skin properly prior to applying. Petroleum jelly will type a protective obstacle that will help protect the skin from constant exposure come moisture. Make an appointment with the doctor if there is a persistent rash.

5. Eliminate eye makeup

Oil is one effective method to remove makeup, and also petroleum jelly is safe to use in the eye area, follow to a examine on eye ultrasounds. Usage a noodle pad or Q-tip (for difficult to reach areas), and press gently without tugging too difficult on your skin. Make sure to close her eyes together you wipe. Some people also swear by making use of it ~ above crow’s feet lines.

6. Save break-up ends

Sun and wind exposure as well as pool water can dry up your hair. Petroleum jelly can reduce the watch of break-up ends and add shine to your hair. Obstacle a little amount the jelly in between your palms and also apply to hair ends.

7. Prevent skin stains native hair dye or nail polish

Apply petroleum jelly along your hairline to stop hair dye native staining her skin. This likewise works if you choose to repaint your nails at home. A barrier of petroleum jelly is easy to wipe away once you’re done.

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8. Keep perfume scents

Using petroleum jelly as a basic for your perfume can assist it critical longer.

9. Usage as lube because that stuck objects

If a ring is stuck on your finger, placed some jelly on your finger, making sure you gain some around and under the ring. This will help the ring on slide off her finger.

For door hinges, use a little bit of jelly appropriate on the hinge and swing the door a few times to spread evenly. Wipe off the excess.