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Star was born a male and also that that identifies as a happy male. However, that is a fan of androgynous looks and also he loves changing things increase by utilizing makeup and also styling his hair all different ways. Back in 2009, Star speak to the end Magazine about his gender.

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“I think everyone doesn’t understand what Jeffree Star is — choose are girlfriend a man, are you a girl? What room you trying to be? and also at the finish of the job I’m simply all around pro-expression. I don’t undertake fake tits or wigs, so ns don’t really take into consideration myself a drag queen, however I am really obsessed and also inspired by fashion in general. I began as a makeup artist, looking with magazines and being obsessed v the idea that just transforming how you look with just some makeup brushes. So ns don’t really contact myself anything. I am a guy, ns don’t desire to have a sex-change — girlfriend know, my mother blessed me — so, I’m walk to remain a man and look choose a girl and everyone’s gonna f*ckin’ favor it,” the said.

Back in March, Star sat under for a chat v Glamour. During the interview, Star was asked about his brand-new makeup palette which he called “Androgyny.”

“It’s being fearless and yourself. I feel favor with the totality Internet era, people can it is in so judgmental and evil online. owning your very own self and showing her self-worth. Ns think androgyny is a an excellent example of being you, being totally fearless and also really no letting anyone tell girlfriend what to do. It’s an extremely masculine and also feminine in ~ the very same time. The word way a lot come me. World see men in makeup and also have so many different opinions, so I want to melted light ~ above the subject. As soon as we were doing the shoot, i really wanted different people, so we have actually a straight male in the ad, we have a transgender women, we have a traction queen, and also we have actually me. I want an eclectic mix that beautiful individuals who celebrate words androgyny,” Star explained.

He walk on come talk around how the considers self androgynous.

“The cool thing with me is ns really can do anything, i beg your pardon is so fun. Ns wake up and also I’m like, carry out I desire to look choose this today, or perform I desire to be super feminine? and also before the shoot ns looked back at every the advertisement campaigns and also beauty stuff that we had done to day for mine brands, and I had actually never take away it to the young side that myself. For this reason the real hair, brows, and also shaved head—that snapshot shut down my net with so lot amazing feedback. It’s so different, and people room so used to seeing me v the pink hair, the girly, an ext feminine side. I wanted to revolve the tables. I spanned all mine tattoos, and also I want to make a statement,” that added.

If friend look at his Instagram account, he refers to himself together a “mom” and also a “wife,” which are both mrs descriptions. Indeed, this is something the he battles with indigenous time come time. A couple of years ago, Star posted the following on Facebook.

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His pan were rapid to pertained to his defense, many saying things the shouldn’t responded through (such as, “I’m a unicorn”).