In terms of star status, over there aren’t numerous superstar athletes in Texas as famed as former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. The four-time pro Bowl football player spent his whole 13-year NFL career with the Dallas football team, whereby he winner 78 games (but not a whole lot in the playoffs), threw 248 touchdowns and penciled self in as one the the franchise’s greatest passers.

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Romo retired in 2017, transitioned to sports broadcasting and also now makes much more money than numerous current NFL quarterbacks calling gamings alongside Jim Nantz in the booth for CBS Sportsas a color analyst. It’s no surprised that who of Romo’s stature finished up marrying a former beauty pageant queen who competed in miss out on USA, however he also dated 2 bombshell country music stars when he to be a free agent on the dating scene.

Romo’s absence of success in the postseason is well-documented (remember the playoff fumble?), yet he’s never had a problem scoring few of the most beautiful and also famous celebrities. Let’s take it a closer look at few of those relationships. Unsurprisingly, he ended up v a previous Miss USA contestant prefer Tim Tebow and also Christian McCaffrey.

Tony Romo date Jessica Simpson

AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez, file

Romo and also Simpson to be the “it couple” as soon as they dated from 2007 come 2009. Lock reportedly began dating in November 2007.

In December 2007, she to be spotted in ~ his game in between the Cowboys and also Philadelphia Eagles. They stirred the sporting activities media people when pictures that them in ~ a Cabo mountain Lucas resort surfaced before a pivotal playoff loss come the brand-new York Giants.

Romo damaged up v the singer and also “Dukes the Hazzard”star in 2009 right before her 29th birthday. He reportedly damaged up through her after she met man Mayer and also suspected other happened in between them. The kicker? He broke up through her via email.

“Tony didn?t think that for a second. And also within the second, he damaged up with me best there. Two years, gone v an email,” she wrote in her book, according to TMZ.


I assumption: v she uncovered out those boots really were produced walking…right out of his life.

Tony Romo’s partnership With Carrie Underwood

AP Photo/Jae. C. Hong

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Romo and also Underwood date briefly in 2007 before he and also Simpson were an item.

The “NBC Sunday Night Football” theme song singer and former “American Idol” winner linked up through the zero-time Super key winner and briefly dated prior to things turned sour.

“Point blank, is about football,” she said Esquire of their relationship. “I don’t recognize if it’s the I’m not quite his form or whatever, but I don’t think he’s in ~ the allude in his life wherein he would certainly be willing to sacrifice football.

“He hated so much that people thought that he was paying more attention to me and that was resulting in him to not carry out well.”

Crazy enough, Underwood went on to day Romo’s future brother-in-law in 2008. Hopefully she never took a Louisville Slugger to both headlights of one of two people of your cars.

Tony Romo’s wife Candice Crawford Romo

Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Candice Crawford to be born ~ above December 16, 1986, in Lubbock, Texas. She prospered up near Dallas, though, and studied journalism at the university of Missouri. If in school, she won miss Missouri USA and also was among 51 miss out on USA contestants to fly out to las Vegas for the 2008 miss USA competition. The then-21-year-old beauty beauty queen finished in the optimal 10.

Crawford traded swimsuits and gowns for an on-air career as a television personality afterward.

She worked in the Dallas-Fort precious area as a sporting activities reporter when she met Romo because that the first time, and the two started going stable in 2009. That’s right, he chose a reporter rather of a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

Their an initial date was hilarious because she had actually to hide she parents as soon as the starting quarterback came over since they were diehard Cowboys fans.

“My parents, being enormous Cowboys fans, she didn?t desire them in the house. And they said, ?We?re already here. What do you want united state to do?? and also she said, ?Hide. Hide in the back,"” Candice’s brothers Chace said “The rich Eisen Show.” “She do my parental hide. She didn?t realize Tony was coming end to choose her up. It recorded her turn off guard, for this reason she pushes mine parents back . I believed that was really funny.”

Romo provided her one engagement ring and made she his fiancée the following year. They officially wedded in might 2011 at Arlington hall in Dallas (I guess castle didn’t want a location wedding to, say, Miami). Crawford then ended up being Candice Romo.

Candice Romo didn’t need to marry Tony come boast stardom in her family. She’s the younger sister of actor Chace Crawford, that starred in the fight TV present “Gossip Girl.” he dated carried Underwood in 2008 after ~ Tony Romo did. Tiny world.

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Candice and Tony have actually been happily married over the last decade and made lot of of public appearances. In 2010, they attended the TIME/CNN/People/Fortune White home Correspondents’ combination Dinner and also MSNBC Afterparty in ~ the Washington Hilton in Washington, D.C. Jay Leno performed and also President Barack Obama and very first Lady Michelle Obama attended.

During Super key LV, they showed up in a Skechers commercial:

They’re also big sports pan of their regional teams. The Romos have showed face at Dallas Mavericks NBA gamings together. The former NFL player himself played on the varsity basketball team in ~ Burlington High institution in Wisconsin. Candice appears to be pretty strong herself:

Monday mornings are much better when Tony Romo's wife swings a golf club: http://t.co/6etp98b73K pic.twitter.com/VcRVv6tpBe