Liv Tyler may not be thousands of years old choose her personality Arwen, Lady that Rivendell, in "The mr of the Rings" trilogy, however it is her birthday today, July 1. Come celebrate, us gathered little-known facts about the movies from old interviews v the actress and also her actors members.

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Talking about how she feeling the types she played in "Lord the the Rings" was a bit mysterious, Tyler told UK"s Sunday express in 2002: "They don"t sleep, castle don"t eat, us don"t also know if they have any kind of private parts."

"Maybe they"re choose Ken and also Barbie dolls. Girlfriend know, you lift up their clothes and there"s nothing there."

2. Which might explain why, when Tyler first received the Arwen doll prototype, she stripped it naked to see if it to be anatomically correct.

Image Left: 648 Toys. Picture Right: "Lord that the Rings."

Tyler spoke with Pavement newspaper in 2002 about the Arwen toy modeled after her, saying, "The first thing i did to be take all its clothing off, choose you do once you"re a kid."

The interviewer inquiry if the toy to be anatomically correct, to which Tyler responded: "The boobs were pretty good. They to be bigger 보다 mine."

She climate continued, "But then i couldn"t get the clothes back on ... For this reason I had to send the Arwen doll earlier in the box naked to brand-new Line. I called to say, "Look, I"m really sorry. I"m not weird however I couldn"t obtain the dress earlier on."

Image: "Pirates the the Caribbean"

IGN interviewed Tyler and also Orlando Bloom in 2003 and asked around the rumor the members the the Fellowship got tattoos together. Bloom responded the the rumor to be true, and then showed that his to be on his wrist.

"It says nine, in Elvish, i beg your pardon stands there were nine in the Fellowship," stated Bloom.

But actually, just eight the the lead actors who played the members that the Fellowship obtained tattoos, as john Rhys-Davies -- that played Gimli -- let his stunt dual get the tattoo instead.

Elijah timber told alphabet News in 2001 that the group "went ahead and also did that around a week prior to we finished."

4. Peter Jackson do Tyler act v a neon pink golf ball, i beg your pardon the special effects crew later on replaced with other personalities in the scene.

Image Left: "Lord the the Rings." image Right: Tacki-Mac

"For the totality sequence, I"m an alleged to it is in talking and also reacting to King Wraith," Tyler explained to Starlog newspaper in 2001 that a particular scene she filmed, "but i was yes, really talking to a neon pink golf sphere on a dolly, through two cameras ~ above me and also Peter speak what was going to be happening. Ns just had to do it all up, react to that and try to do it real."

Tyler later elaborated in the 2003 IGN interview. "I was prefer acting v a pink golf ball all the time. And also Pete would do this incredible ... Like, really large grand explanations the what to be going on," she said. "He always wanted united state out of breath. Ns was always doing laps about the studio."

5. The entire brand-new Zealand military was rumored to show up as extras, but got called to action at the critical minute.

Image Left: WikiCommons. Picture Right: "Lord of the Rings"

A new Women Magazine attribute on Tyler in 2001 stated this in the intro: "a actors of extras which nearly included the entire brand-new Zealand military (they were sent to east Timor in ~ the critical minute to offer as peacekeepers)."

Though, it would seem the at least some the the new Zealand army were provided as extras, together an BBCarticle native 2001 revealed that civilization felt these acting soldiers were being exploited through too tiny pay native the production.

Eleven years later, a brand-new Zealand soldier held a Reddit AMA and also revealed the he was an extra in the movie.

For a "Lord that the Rings: Return of the King" press junket, Bloom was asked what that would favor to asking Tolkien if he had the chance.

Bloom joked, "If that minded that i slid under the stairs ~ above the Uruk-hai shield. Whether that was one elven point or not."

Bloom, that played Legolas, claimed he to be proud that the scene and also thought the it operated for the movie, yet was involved some pan might"ve uncovered it "not very Tolkien-esque."

7. Tyler learned just how to say she Elvish currently phonetically for the movie, but didn"t learn the language.

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During one interview with Flaunt Magazine, Tyler referred to as the Elvish language "amazing," adding: "It"s a legit language. Over there are only a particular amount of world in the world who deserve to speak it, prefer Oxford professors and also what not. It"s together a beautiful language too, it"s yes, really brilliant."

In a 2002 interview with total Film Magazine, however, Tyler admitted that she walk not end up being one of those few people who might speak Elvish. "I didn"t learn Elvish, like I would find out Italian or something," Tyler said. "But I spent a the majority of time discovering the vowel sounds."

To realm Magazine Tyler defined that "there was usually a 1-800-Help-An-Elf number. There was this man, ns think he to be an Oxford professor. Us would call him for a translation. Ns would constantly make a keep in mind of the line v an English translation beside it so that I interpreted what i was saying."

In 2011, Tyler told the BBC around her nightmares, explaining in depth just how her home did not aid matters.

"When I very first went under there , i was living alone in this huge house on this beautiful cliff by the sea," Tyler recounted. "It"s yes, really windy in Wellington, all the time, and also the houses aren"t really produced it. They"re tiny beach cottages. Every little thing shakes every the time."

Tyler continued, "From getting really connected with the film, and also reading the books, i started having nightmares. One night, ns woke up and also I to be sick, and I had actually a fever. Ns heard tap, tap, tap top top the bedroom door; that was actually the wind. Seeing things that were scary, that was difficult for me."

"It"s not painful as soon as they"re on yet to gain them off is painful," Tyler said Pavement newspaper in 2002, which defined her as "wincing in ~ the memory."

Tyler continued, "They"re placed on v glue and witch hazel and all this various other stuff and then airbrushed ... Having actually them taken turn off everyday, skin take it off your ears, really hurt."

At a pave party, Jackson verified the actors a couple of minutes of nearly finished clip so the they would recognize what to suppose from all their extensive work in front of a green screen. Tyler said Starlog magazine in 2001 that she was particularly excited as soon as she observed this footage.