The actress recalls her favorite memories from the film, including being terrified around working through Jeff Bridges


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The studio didn’t also send Peregrym the script; the came straight from Bendinger’s agency. Follow to Peregrym, Bendinger uncovered her many thanks to DVR.

“She to be recording gymnastics ~ above television, and also you know how it walk over right into the next program a small bit? i don’t even know if that does that anymore, yet it provided to,” Peregrym says. “And the show that ns was doing to be on afterwards, and that’s how she knew about me. A snippet of a TV present I to be doing.”

That’s no to say the studio didn’t desire her at every though. During the casting process, Peregrym was readily available the function of average girl jone Charis when the hunt continued for a Haley. However Peregrym wasn’t interested.

“I was like ‘Sorry, ns don’t feel associated to her at all. That’s okay.’ and also I claimed no,” Peregrym reveals. “I’m a really firm believer — I have to be since that’s what’s happened in mine life — that you get the duty that you’re claimed to get.” The duty of Joanne ultimately went come Vanessa Lengies.

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Bendinger ongoing to fight because that Missy Peregrym and also now, 15 years later, it’s hard to imagine anyone else play either character. And also for Peregrym, it led to an chance to play an additional iconic character that year.

“Right after ~ ‘Stick It,’ the manager was really excited around me because that ‘Step Up,"” Peregrym divulges. “And I had SUCH a difficult time time v ‘Stick It.’ The training was so rigorous, the film to be exhausting to make. So i was prefer ‘I don’t have actually it in me to it is in a dancer now. I’m not a dancer!’ I’d have to relearn everything, there’s simply no way.”


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Ironically, as Burt Vickerman — Vick, for brief — Bridges’s personality was almost all ego in ~ the begin of “Stick It.” But, together the movie walk on, he ended up being an unanticipated ally to Haley, helping her to rediscover her love the gymnastics, while all at once being humbled by her bluntness.

For Peregrym, the was the real draw of “Stick It”. It was so different than many of the movies coming the end that year.

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“Really, as soon as you’re starting out together a young girl, the jobs you’re getting, everything’s around being sexy or you’re in a horror film and also you’re getting killed sexy,” she says. “Everything’s about showing her body or gift the girlfriend, i beg your pardon is why ‘Stick It’ to be so interesting to me. Since it had actually nothing to perform with a relationship. I had actually my friends.”

Granted, Peregrym did have actually moments reflecting off her body in “Stick It.” Those falls? all her. That ice bath? 100 percent real ice. Her abs during that ice cream bath? not a stunt double. (Though Peregrym notes the while anyone was staring at her abs during that step she tends to emphasis on she nostrils flaring in that moment, since she insisted on doing the scene with real ice, something she’d never done prior to which she immediately regretted).

In fact, Peregrym operated her human body so difficult that one day on set, she actually needed professional assist in relaxing she muscles. “I acquired kind of choose momentarily stuck in my body. Jessica had to lug in she acupuncturist, and in the makeup and hair trailer I had to lay down on this thing and they had to relax my muscles in my human body so we could proceed filming the 2nd half,” Peregrym says.

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Still, she says it was worth it. Because, at the finish of the day, the movie to be always an ext more around showing off her strength, and the toughness of gymnasts in general.

“It was a much better story because that Haley. It to be deeper than that,” she continues. “It was around real stuff and also I think that’s likewise why it holds up, is due to the fact that the depth story is around healing with a household trauma and also finding that you are and being able to go ago to those places that friend loved, even if it was damaged by someone or miscellaneous else. It’s a great story.”

Indeed, “Stick It” is one film that hasn’t age poorly end the years. In fact, it’s continued to carry in new audiences. Follow to Peregrym, she tho gets stopped on the street because that it, and also for that, she’s eternally grateful.

“It’s together an honor the so many human being have checked out it and also loved the movie, and I’m still yes, really proud of it,” Peregrym says. “It’s to be such a blessing in my life and also I’m simply thrilled the it’s carried so much pleasure to various other people’s lives. I mean that’s why we perform this.”