James ‘Murr’ Murray is a member the The Tenderloins, the comedy group behind TruTV’s fight seriesImpractical Jokers.Murr, Joe Gatto, Sal Vulcano, and also Brian Quinn met in high school before going different ways and reuniting years later on to form The Tenderloins. The team went on tourism in 1999, and after the turn of the century, they started posting their sketches online.

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Impractical Jokerspremiered in late 2011 and went ~ above to end up being one of the most well-known television shows. Away from the camera, Murr is one avid writer. Therefore far, he has released three horror novels:Awakened, The Brink,andDon’t Move.

This piece will look at Murr’s sexuality and love life. Murr is not gay.

Murr admitted to being gay throughout an interview as part of a prank planned by Sal Vulcano

In an episode of Daytime Talk display with Sally Jessy, Sal Vulcano came out as gay. Moments after his confession, Murr also admitted to being. Sal climate recanted his confession, claiming the he came out to prank Murr into revealing his sexual orientation. Vulcano evoked murmurs the discontent native the crowd once he said:

“It feels great that my best friend James has actually come out of the closet. It is the reason I lugged him right here today. Friend see, ns am no gay, but I knew If I said I to be gay, he’d admit that he was gay.”

Murr’s confession likewise turned the end to be false as, at the time, that was engaged to Melyssa Davies.

Murr and his mam Melyssa Davies do not plan on having kids any time soon


Murr and nursing college graduate Melyssa Davies met at a June 2018 press occasion for Murr’s publication Awakened. The pair hit it turn off immediately, Murr told People. “Thank God I created that cursed book,” Murr added. Simply over a year after meeting, Murr proposed, v a ring from Tiffany and Co. In ~ the couple’s new Jersey home.

“I set up a picnic and also champagne and also a Scrabble board,” that explained. “I took her there to sign ‘documents’ – there were no papers to sign. And thank God she claimed yes.” Melyssa was just as excited in ~ the prospect of marrying the comedian. “I to be so myself about him,” she told the publication. “It’s amazing.”

Murr and Melyssa’s wedding ceremony ended up being a logistical nightmare after ~ the coronavirus pandemic hit the United claims with a vengeance. The ever-changing COVID-19 restrictions compelled the couple to constantly transform preparations. To shot and get ahead the the changing restrictions, the pair planned four various wedding ceremonies.

At worst, they would have straightforward nuptials in the backyard of your home. Thankfully, they controlled to book an outdoor room at the Lake residence Inn in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, the accommodated a quarter of their initial guest list. The couple wed in September 2020 in front of close friends and also family.“And thankfully we’re both healthy, and also our households are healthy, therefore it’s kind of a blessing in that way,”Murr said.

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Murr toldPeoplethat he never envisioned himself getting married before he met Melyssa. That continued:“I never thought I want to obtain married. And also I met Melyssa and also it was instantly different. Ns knew ns was going come marry her.”The couple is pull close one-and-a-half year of marriage and is yet to add kids right into their family. Murr toldJon Interviewsthat children are a consideration, however he and Davies don’t plan on welcoming children any kind of time soon:

“No. It is a few years away. Right currently I’m enjoying the married life and also enjoying make a TV display with my ideal friends. And also I’m raising a puppy.”

Murr married Sal Vulcano’s sisters Jenna ~ Sal lost a difficulty on Impractical Jokers

Season 3’s finale illustration featured among the most excessive punishments top top Impractical Jokers. Sal’s sister Jenna Vulcano usually appears on the display when the crew wants to make him extra uncomfortable.

During the episode Brother-in-Loss, Sal lost a challenge, and also for his punishment, he had to watch Murr marry his sister Jenna Vulcano. Murr and Jenna had a full-fledged ceremony, complete with the customary white gown and also black tuxedo. After ~ the ceremony, Murr tweeted:

“Yes i legally married Sal’s sister, no joke. And yes we annulled the marriage… after the honeymoon night!”