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Running change life. That keeps you in form both physically and mentally. Seemingly such a basic sport have the right to make friend wonder a lot…like is it an excellent to run everyday? how much need to you run? exactly how much running is healthy?…and the the course…

Running 4 mile a day is healthy and also will save you and your cardiovascular device in terrific shape. These wellness benefits the running start to decrease when you begin running much more than 30 mile a week. Due to the fact that 4 mile a day is 28 mile a week, you space well in the variety and can reap its complete benefit.

On a side note, if you are planning to start running 4 mile a day, use a fitness watch that can record her heart parameters history. This will aid you to have quantified data come measure her progress. My choice will be Garmin Forerunner 235. Girlfriend may check here for deals and also discounts.

When ns bought my an initial running shoe critical year, the sole purpose for me to be to shed weight.

I literally started hating my picture in the mirror and also was emotion disgusted around the method I’ve cure my human body in the last pair of years.

What ns didn’t realize is, running is simply one part of the puzzle. The other part is your food and its control.

It’s easier said than done. So, let’s gain realistic and also see how much you can lose by to run 4 mile a day.

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Keeping every the various other parameters the same, i beg your pardon is, you are not an altering your diet, here is exactly how much you might lose:

If you room a guy who weighs 200 lbs, you will lose 151 calorie by running 1 mile at 6 mph.

So, in ~ the exact same rate, you will certainly burn:

151 * 4 = 604 calories in one to run session.

In a week, you will certainly burn:

604 * 7 = 4228 calories.


3500 calories are = 1 pound of fat.

So, 4228 calories = (1/3500) * 4228 = 1.21 pound of fat.

This means, if you save running 4 miles a day, friend will shed a little an ext than 1 lb per week.

Also, the calorie-torching impact of running proceeds to approximately 36 hours. So, at the time whatever you consume, it will be burnt much more efficiently.

So, it will certainly not it is in a surprise if friend lose much more than 1 lb after weeks of running.

Remember, not to walk overboard and also get injured.



As was mentioned above, girlfriend will shed at the very least 1 lb (0.45 kilogram), if you run 4 miles every day.

However, there room some caveats come that.

Caveat #1

Most the the starting person runner obtain overconfident with their running and also starts come eat more.

They think their workout will certainly take care of this excess calories. However, this is not the case.

Your to run or workout is 30% of your weight lose puzzle. Your food is 70%. So, if you load up on calories, you will certainly not see any kind of result.

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Caveat #2

You run 4 miles a work regularly.

After some time, you will observe the you space not losing weight.

The reason is, her body has gotten used to running and also it has embraced it as the brand-new normal.

So, you will certainly not lose weight uneven you do the following.

Change or intensify her workout.

As we have seen above, boosting your running miles will certainly be detrimental together you are already running 4 miles a day.

Instead, shot some rowing.


Rowing is the exact opposite that running.

Running by chin is a load-bearing exercise. However, rowing is a non-load-bearing exercise.

So, this is something her body would have actually not expected and you will be able to break the plateau.

Also, nowadays, lock come at affordable prices.

Some rowing equipments will price you as lot as a pair of good running shoes and also will critical you because that ages.

If you desire a rower that will last you practically a life time go for Concept2 model D v PM5 power Monitor.

They are hands-down best, it is in it the built, performance, and also longevity. Although lock will expense you more. A cheaper but decent choice will it is in Sunny health and wellness & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine

Also, they need minimal maintenance.

Caveat #3

Despite your ideal effort, you start obtaining weight.

This is an extremely dreadful for any kind of runner who is make the efforts to shed weight.

However, most of the time you need to not be scared about it.

When you start running, friend start shedding fat.

This is no the only readjust that her body is going through.

You are additionally building increase muscle mass.

Muscles space heavier than fat, and that is the factor you may see boost in her weight.

So issue not and also keep working on yourself.


The number of calories you need will vary v age and gender.

If you room running an ext than 3 mile a day, friend are thought about an “active” adult.

As per Dietary Guidelines because that Americans 2015, her caloric need is together follows:


19 to 30 year – 3000 calories31 come 50 year – 2800 come 3000 caloriesOver 50 years – 2400 to 2800 calorie to keep their weight.


19 to 30 years – 2400 calories31 to 50 years – 2200 caloriesOver 50 years – 2000 come 2200 calories to maintain their weight.

However, the above is simply a guideline.

Your caloric necessity will adjust with the lot of running you do and also your human body weight.

For every pound of your body weight, you would require 18 calories.

So, if you sweet 120 pounds, you would certainly need…

120 * 18 = 2160 calorie

If you room 150, girlfriend would need 2700…so on and also so forth.

This means you will be able to maintain her body weight.

If you desire to alleviate your body weight, reduced down your calorie entry by 500 calories every day.

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It will produce a caloric deficit that 3500 calories per week or 1 pound of weight loss.