Michael Weatherly and Sean Murray starred the opposite one another in NCIS for over a decade. Weatherly played Agent Gibbs’ second in command, Tony DiNozzo. Sean Murray came onto the scene as a wee trainee, who DiNozzo took pleasure in picking on because that kicks. The personalities had a sibling-like bond; meaning, castle bickered and fooled around, however deeply respected and loved one another.

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Michael Weatherly and Sean Murray in ‘NCIS’ | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

Weatherly and Murray had a very strong on-screen dynamic, however what was their connection behind the scenes? walk the two acquire along on the set of NCIS? During an interview v ETOnline, Sean Murray questioned his partnership with Michael Weatherly, and the off-screen parallels to their characters’ relationship are evident.

Sean Murray top top his partnership with former ‘NCIS’ co-star Michael Weatherly

Murray spoke with ETOnline concerning Michael Weatherly’s last NCIS episode — an emotional day for the cast. Murray explained that “In the people of NCIS, characters come and go;” however, the doesn’t average Weatherly i will not ~ be missed. Murray walk on come explain:

Michael and also I, you have the right to tell we’re an extremely close…From the beginning of the series, us bonded and formed a genuine relationship on and also off screen.


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Sean Murray defines that the two hit the off almost immediately, which need to come as no surprise considering the means Murray ended up being a regular. Murray to be not supposed to it is in a mainstay in the series, but he boasted such strong chemistry v the actors in his plan “one and also done” episode that the showrunners maintained him around, seeing his potential come play well through the others long-term.

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Sean Murray top top the dynamic in between DiNozzo and McGee

Murray go on to explain his character’s bond through DiNozzo, noting the the on-screen relationship has helped cement fairly the off-screen friendship. Murray said:

There is a dynamic between the two characters that constructed over the years — large brother, small brother partnership that contained lots the hazing due to the fact that Tony was constantly the fraternity brother eternal…Lots of love, lots of making funny of every other and also just a neat dynamic in between the two.


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Though Michael Weatherly’s lack is evident in the series, NCIS continues to succeed. And, considering Cote de Pablo reverted in the last moments of season 16, DiNozzo’s return might be right about the bend. A “Tiva” reunion may just be in the works. Sean Murray notes the Michael Weatherly mentioned doing “the strange episode here or there,” for this reason is the time finally right? was Weatherly wait for his former love attention to return first?