Hoover Dam - Colorado River black color Canyon

Named a National historical Landmark, and also one that the American culture of polite Engineers" Seven modern Civil design Wonders.

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Concrete home builders used some 3.3 million cubic yards that concrete in the making of Hoover Dam and also another million cubic yards for the strength plant and also support structures. This was enough concrete to develop a two-lane highway indigenous Seattle, Washington come Miami, Florida.

America"s first Major Dam, 1936


Regaled together an architectural and engineering marvel, Hoover Dam was developed in five years-two years under schedule-at the price of $48.9 million. It stands 726 feet tall and 1,244 feet in length. The basic is 660 feet thick, 60 feet an ext than the size of 2 football fields, and the optimal is 45 feet thick. At the basic of the dam lay 230 block of concrete, every one standing five feet high and also ranging in width from 25 square feet come 60 square feet.

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Before concrete contractors could even get to work constructing the dam, however, the substantial task that diverting the Colorado River had to be accomplished. In stimulate to perform that, 4 diversion tunnels totaling 16,000 feet were cut into black color Canyon and also lined through concrete, a job that in itself take it a complete year. While water indigenous the river was diverted with these tunnels, suspended high scalers functioned on the wall surfaces of the canyon come ensure the they to be smooth enough to permit proper follow of the dam"s walls, and work crews dredged the canyon"s floor down to bedrock.

On June 6, 1933, concrete home builders made background by pouring the very first bucket that concrete on the Hoover Dam. Home builders produced the mix onsite in two batch plants, transported to the dam by railroad cars, and poured by one overhead bucket system. This device was able to supply one bucket the concrete every 78 seconds. The size and nature the the project presented a distinctive problem, however. Nevertheless how rapid the concrete to be poured, building contractors realized that by using traditional processes, it would take 100 years because that the dam"s concrete to cool and cure. And once that did cool, the concrete would certainly crack, rendering the dam useless.


The instance required developments to expedite the curing process. The building contractors imbedded an ext than 582 miles of one-inch steel pipe transparent the concrete, pipeline that brought river water and ice water come cool down the concrete. The refrigeration plant built onsite to lug out this feat had actually the capacity of developing a 1000-pound block of ice cream daily. When the concrete was set into place and also the pipes were no longer needed, they to be filled in through concrete to include extra toughness to the dam. In this way, the dam was poured right into separate interlocking blocks.

In respectable of 1933, two of the diversionary tunnels to be filled in, and in 1935 stole grates weighing 1000 lots were placed over the staying two tunnels to start channeling the Colorado River in the direction of the dam.

All in all, concrete building contractors used part 3.3 million cubic yards that concrete in the making of Hoover Dam and another million cubic yards because that the strength plant and also support structures. This was enough cement to build a two-lane highway indigenous Seattle, Washington to Miami, Florida.

Thanks in big part come the concrete contractors who operated on it, Hoover Dam was completed in 1935, began power generation in 1936, and also the last generator went on heat in 1961. That was called a National historic Landmark, and also the American culture of Civil engineers named it one of America"s Seven contemporary Civil engineering Wonders.

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