As you drive the 12 mile from Taos toward the Rio Grande alleyways Bridge, the landscape gives small indication the what’s concealed below. You’d never guess the you’re approaching one of the state’s organic wonders: the Rio Grande alleyways in new Mexico.

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During these uncertain times, please keep security in mind and consider including destinations to your bucket list to visit in ~ a later on date.

The Rio Grande canyon is roughly 50 mile in length. While that is 200 feet deep near the border, the gorge plunges under 800 feet, farther come the south. It"s brand-new Mexico"s answer to the cool Canyon.

This section of brand-new Mexico was when covered through gravel and lava from erupting volcanoes. Over many years, erosion by the Rio Grande forged the gorge.

The Rio Grande Del Norte national Monument was developed in 2013. This huge monument includes 310,528 acre that extends from the Colorado border down to Pilar, southern of Taos.

There are just three bridges crossing the gorge in ~ the monument. Among these, the john Dunn Bridge, is a an essential launch allude for kayakers and rafters.

Experiencing the alleyways from below is certainly different than viewing the from above. There are number of rafting outfitters that can take you along the river. If you’d choose to go kayaking on her own, be afflicted with in mind that this area has some very complicated rapids. There are no boating fees, yet the BLM requires you to register your trip before attempting the tougher runs.
If rafting doesn"t appeal, a short walk native the man Dunn bridge takes you to black Rock hot Springs. There, you can soak in a primitive pool surrounding to the river.
The Wild Rivers Recreation Area is a part of the national monument that’s certainly worth visiting. The 13-mile long Wild Rivers Backcountry Byway is an easy way to admire the scenery – protect against at La Junta point for some unbeatable views. Wild Rivers additionally offers 40 campsites spread across five campgrounds for those plan a much longer visit. Alternatively, head to one of the 7 campgrounds in Orilla Verde Recreation Area.
This national monument is ~ above a far-ranging bird migration path and also herds the elk roam across the land.
Hiking, biking, and also fishing are renowned activities. The see from the West pickled in salt Trail are specifically memorable (you don"t have to do the entirety nine miles)! The trailhead is situated on the west side of the Rio Grande alleyways Bridge.
This steel bridge external Taos is 1,280 feet across and that stands 565 feet above the Rio Grande. This provides it the seventh tallest leg in the country.
Construction top top this bridge began in 1963. At that time, capital hadn’t to be secured to continue the roadway on the other side. For a while, this structure was called “The leg to Nowhere." however the task was properly completed in 1965.

Taos is the town nearest to the Rio Grande gorge Bridge. Have to you choose to expand your stay, you’ll discover plenty of points to do in this area.

This monument is massive. To understand its full scale, examine out this aerial video. As you deserve to see, the canyon is stunning in all seasons.

Have you saw this organic wonder in new Mexico? few places can contend with the actual grand Canyon, but the Rio Grande Gorge comes pretty close.

What space the finest hikes v a check out in new Mexico?

The best views in new Mexico can be got to on part stellar trails. The Crater pickled in salt Trail, part of the Capulin national Monument, is a reasonably relaxing trail that’ll provide you a view of an die out volcano as you walk approximately the pickled in salt of it. The is just over a mile in size and an easy loop to complete. Another great hike v a view is the Osha Trail. The is within the Lincoln nationwide Forest and also has a breathtaking view of not only the expansive wooded area yet also new Mexico’s well known White Sands in the distance. Needless to say, there space some great hiking trails in brand-new Mexico.

Does new Mexico have any natural wonders?

Natural marvels in brand-new Mexico space abundant. You have the right to go secret to locations like Carlsbad Caverns, which are a point of pure beauty, or to the highest possible views prefer that atop the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The stunningly white gypsum sands of the White Sands national Monument are likewise wondrous to behold. The Bisti Badlands are one more example of brand-new Mexico’s herbal wonders, situated near Farmington. The vivid canyons, hoodoos, and also other unusual geological formations there amaze visitors time and also time again.

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What space the most beautiful places in new Mexico?

Along through the natural wonders and spectacular views, new Mexico has some areas that are just complete of beauty also if they aren’t well-known. Spots favor the Valles Caldera is pretty enough to it is in on a postcard, with hill valleys complete of meadows and meandering streams. The Kasha-Katuwe tent Rocks are favor something from one more world, and also it’s perfect for grabbing part memorable photos. Over there are absolutely many enchanting locations in the floor Of Enchantment, and also you deserve to find more here.