Safety of TheraFlu

TheraFlu is an over-the-counter medication that helps to reduce the symptoms of the common cold and the flu. That generally includes antihistamines, pain relievers and decongestants come combat the congestion, stuffiness, aches and also pains that colds and also the flu. Combination medications favor TheraFlu contain a variety of different ingredients, therefore pregnant ladies should examine with their doctors prior to taking TheraFlu.

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Frequency is Key


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If TheraFlu is supplied only once or twice throughout a pregnant to curb uncomfortable symptoms of the cold and flu, the ingredient are most likely not harmful to the occurring fetus. However, pregnant women that take TheraFlu repetitively or numerous times transparent the pregnancy might be putting their arising babies at hazard for complications choose birth defects. You should only take TheraFlu during pregnancy if friend really require the medication, and if your doctor tells you that it is yes to take it.

Side Effects and also Precautions

TheraFlu can cause a number of different side impacts that pregnant ladies taking the drug have to be conscious of. Insomnia, a emotion of nervousness and also anxiety, and also dizziness may take place when taking TheraFlu. Significant side effects include quick heartbeat, vomiting and also nausea, seizures and also hallucinating. Females who room breast-feeding should examine with their doctors prior to taking TheraFlu.

Only take the recommended sheep of TheraFlu. If her symptoms perform not obtain better, speak to your doctor. Border your use of the medication and also remember the what friend take right into your body, her baby also takes right into hers.

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