In relationship to “then”, it have the right to be quite an overwhelming to decide when using a comma is appropriate. This is because it have the right to be supplied in a myriad that ways, each unrelated to one another.

“Then” is likewise a word the you will certainly have had often in your writing, i m sorry is why we’ve made it a suggest to make sure that you’re totally up to rate on just how to usage commas after “then”.

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Let’s dive into the meat of what renders placing a comma after “then” necessary.

Is a comma after ~ “then” required?

“Then” is mainly used together a temporal adverb, so including a comma after “then” is unnecessary since it breaks up the sentence needlessly. As soon as “then” is provided as an adverb at the beginning of the sentence, however, a comma have to be introduced following it. A comma ~ “then” is also necessary as soon as it is came before by a semicolon. Additionally, if “then’ is offered as a conjunction, put a comma after the is not considered to be grammatically correct. Overall, a comma after ~ “then’ is no required, however, there space a pair of occasions in which you could deem necessary.

When “then” is provided as a temporal adverb

When we usage “then” together a temporal adverb, a comma must not it is in placed complying with it.

As one adverb, “then”, is offered to change the meaning of the sentence, having actually a strong impact top top the reader’s understanding:

Example 1: he then came to be the major of our school.

As you have the right to see above, “then” is not followed by a comma. This is the correct way of structuring the sentence because it doesn’t isolate “then” native the verb which the highlights: “to become”.

A temporal adverb must constantly be consisted of as a constant part that an elevation clause, quite than a different one. You should use this instance as guidance once you space looking come write academic papers and also professional correspondence.

Example 2: the then, became the principal of our school.

In instance 2, “then” is followed by a comma, i m sorry is incorrect. As pointed out above, “then” shouldn’t be adhered to by a comma when it is as a temporal adverb.

You can have noticed that this instance is not as basic to check out as the an initial one.

When “Then” is situated at the beginning of the sentence

If “then” is located in the beginning of a sentence, rather 보다 in the beginning, a comma have the right to be placed based upon rhythm and tone. The examples below will to mark this rule:

Example 1: then Katya chose that us weren’t walking to go forward through our plan.

In this example, “then” is used as an introductory adverb; its role is to initiate a new clause. However, a comma after ~ “then” is not introduced in this instance to create a faster rhythm.

In scholastic papers and professional settings you would not usage this sentence structure because it comes throughout as an ext convivial.

Example 2: Then, Katya decided that we weren’t going to walk forward with our plan.

This instance showcases a sentence framework that is universally taken into consideration to be grammatically correct. In this case, a comma is put after “then”, which separates “then” as an introduce adverb from the rest of the sentence.

The rate of the sentence is interrupted in ~ the comma to stop the reader. You should use this example as guidance once writing in skilled settings.

What about when “then” is preceded by a semicolon?

When “then” is provided after a semicolon, a comma should be placed. The complying with examples will highlight this rule:

Example 1: Richard tried speaking to her; then, he made decision to relocate past their issue.

“Then” acts together a type of conjunction in this case, as it create a bridge between the 2 separate parts of the sentence.

A semicolon is put after “her”, if a comma is put after “then”.

This is because, an in similar way as to once “then” I provided as an introduce adverb, “then” is introduced to initiate critical clause, different from the rest.

Following this example, the sentence will be damaged up in a method that renders it less complicated for the reader to engage. A comma after “then”, if that is came before by a semicolon, is necessary.

Example 2: Richard tried speak to her; then he determined to move past your issue.

In the above example, a comma after ~ “then” is not placed, which is incorrect. That is essential for “then” to be complied with by a comma in this case.


“Then” as a conjunction

In the examples below, just how to usage a comma once “then” is supplied as a conjunction will certainly be highlighted.

This is what teachers will describe as an “if/then” sentence construction. As soon as “if” is offered as an introduce adverb and also “then” is provided as a conjunction, a comma should not be inserted after “then”. Here’s one:

Example 1: If you speak to the restaurant, climate I’ll drive you there.

In the instance above, “then” connect two parts of the sentence. That modifies the information given due to the fact that it to add temporal context, putting vital meaning ~ above the sentence. “Then” is no isolated through commas to produce a constant flow.

Example 2: If you speak to the restaurant, then, I’ll journey you there.

In this case, “then” additionally connects two components of the sentence, yet it is isolated. This is a grammatical selection that is no universally accepted.

You can include commas in her writing, if friend deem that appropriate, to allow tone come come across, yet you have to not use the example above as guidance.

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Therefore, we have the right to deduct from these instances that a comma after ~ “then” is not necessary, however, the is occasionally recommended.

A comma ~ “then” can additionally be inserted to emphasize tone and also rhythm, making that a fantastic stylistic choice.

Being conscious of just how to usage the right punctuation is just one of the ideal things the you deserve to do to enhance your writing. Together you continue to advance, you will truly realize exactly how commas have actually the power to impact your texts.