I am ultimately writing this lengthy overdue evaluation - over there is too much negativity in the world and time for united state to every come together. The positivity, fun, caring and kindness the cast of American Idol display every illustration is what we need an ext of in the world. The chemistry and also real funny Katy, Lionel, Luke and Ryan re-superstructure is a breath of fresh air. They room fun, funny, caring and also show united state every episode how much castle love what they are doing. I have been a huge fan of each individually together artists - their work-related on American Idol bring it to a new level. Therefore excited for the new season and also want come let ABC know what good casting choices!

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Senior 72

This is a TV display that has actually some the the most disgusting creates of management. That teaches the public just how to age discriminate, that teaches kids to disrespect your elders. Only throughout the show"s 6th season top top Fox did they execute one thing ideal by allowing Sherman Pore at the age of 64 to audition. As soon as he sang very well, that was the signal to remove the maximum age limit that 28 and to provide that maximum period limit a mighty boost clear every the method up come 99. If ns was the peak manager of that show, and also heard Sherman sing and also loved his singing, that maximum age limit the 28 would have actually been out through the trash.


I do think that Lionel Richie is mine mom"s favourite singer but, my daugther loves it she can"t wait for season 18!

L B.

We loved this in 2016. ABC has actually turned it right into a politically correct variation I guess. Ns can"t clock it v my youngsters now since of age innapropriate words/discussions/visuals. Your is homosexuality, transgender and also sexuality and also this is not for chilsren. You should be old sufficient to have actually discussions and also understand what these things actually mean... The is why I placed 18 because my kids and teenagers are vulnerable and also this stuff just mixes them up more.

Blake W.

The Voice proactively has a ideology of encouragement and positive messaging. I highly recommend it --The Voice is a far better and much more positive alternate to American Idol. It lacks the that judgment, typical criticism and cruelty of Idol. A bonus an outcome of this is the what emerges space clear and also positive lessons around communication v music and also performance -- in a means that is also available to and also applicable by its viewers.

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For me American Idol mirrors that any one have the right to follow your dreams,but sometimes complying with your dreams can and in disappointment.Sometimes the present there is swearing but they generally bleep the out.

Sometimes viewers space told in advancement what the adhering to week"s template will be, sometimes not. Trying come guess the week"s layout is simply as much fun as in reality watching. The singers, the course, are always entertaining and enjoyable come watch. And, while we may not constantly agree through Simon Cowell, the was and is certainly needed, together his words acquire the contestants come improve. The is no afraid that the truth, and also neither need to the contestants.Make no mistake around it. The show is still an extremely good, and also the judges offer a message to the contestants- and all of us- about how we have the right to learn from our mistakes. However the main reason why ratings have plummented in current years is since Simon Cowell is no much longer on the show. We sometimes should hear a voice favor his, also if we don"t agree v it. And also what renders this show far better than the others is that contestants space not assigned come a team. Together a result, the judges space freer and better able to be honest and neutral. This is a much-needed show.The lose of Randy Jackson is a loss for the display as well. He was neighborly and also warm- the kind you"d desire to have as a neighbor, just like Mister Rogers. This present is still excellent, but it will never be the same.