being swift and simple, shaving can seem prefer a quick-fix solution for your hair removed problems. The downside is, sometimes it deserve to leave you v a nasty situation of razor burn. If you’ve ever found your skin red, itchy and also bumpy shortly after shaving, that’s exactly what that is. No one desires to flaunt patchy, irritable skin in a sundress write-up shaving for this reason here’s how to law razor burn conveniently in 8 different ways.

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Aloe vera is popular skin care soother that functions magic naturally on troubled skin. The best method to use it come treat razor burn is through the Vaseline Intensive care Aloe Soothe body Lotion. When applied all over her body, it"s pure aloe extracts and Stratys 3 Multi-Layer humidity goes 3 great deep right into the skin to pamper the body and also refresh it.

When your skin feel itchy, to trust a calming human body mask come rescue you! To make one, incorporate 6 tablespoons that honey v ½ a cup the yogurt and also apply it end the affected area. Allow the load air dry for 30 minutes and also wash the off with cold water. Love husband is an anti-bacterial humectant when creamy yogurt is very moisturising. Together, they calm the skin and also reduce discomfort greatly.

For a an easy skin care solution come treat razor burn, take it 5 – 6 ice cream cubes in a noodle handkerchief and press gently onto the skin in a circular motion. This works as a cold compress come constrict blood vessels and also lower the temperature the the influenced area i m sorry reduces redness and pain.


Think of your morning oatmeal together a double duty meal—first as a nourishing breakfast and second as a skin care treatment because that razor burn relief. To use it because that the latter, incorporate 2 cups of oats through 1 cup the cold milk. Stir it to produce a thick paste and apply it end the skin because that 40 minutes. As soon as you to wash it off, girlfriend will uncover your body soothed and also moisturised. This is because lactic acid and milk protein incorporate with anti-inflammatory oatmeal to efficiently calm the skin.

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You might be surprised to understand that to apologize cider vinegar isn’t just dark spot destroyer, that treats razor burn efficiently too! To usage it, use a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar directly on the skin. Let the sit because that 20 minutes and wash that off with cold water. Many thanks to apple cider vinegar’s mildly acidic nature and anti-bacterial properties, her skin will certainly feel soothed and the effects of razor burn will certainly be gone!

Everyone loves a cup the tea come calm your mind but when razor burn strikes, save some for the body as well. Use brewed black tea (which has been cooled) straight over the area of your body influenced by razor burn and also leave it to dry because that 30 minutes. Then to wash it off through cold water. The relief the you will certainly feel is primarily because of the tannins in black color tea i m sorry minimise inflammation and also redness.


In time of trouble and razor burn, rotate to the tried and also tested Vaseline initial Pure Skin Jelly. That is triple purified formula of pure petroleum jelly is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. This functions gently to mitigate dryness, cracking and also itchiness on the skin v ease. Bid razor burn goodbye instantly!

That coconut oil is a herbal moisturiser isn’t news anymore. However to law razor burn? currently that’s a first! Massage 3 tablespoons of coconut oil directly over the affected area, leaving it because that 15 minutes and wash it turn off with warm water. With its multitude of anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory agents, coconut oil enriches the skin deeply, reduces redness and also tones down bumps in a jiffy. Try it to believe it!

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