I have actually seen this words used interchangeably. However I have likewise seen them provided in a sentence choose they room two various things. I"d prefer a professional opinion.

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Context is everything, but in general computer system terms, video clip cards and graphics cards space the exact same thing.

There room "video record cards," which room often called "TV tuner cards" or "video encoder cards" the capture video clip (instead that outputting it). These would be provided to record video clip such as TV shows, or get video clip from an old camcorder, or various other playback device, to your computer"s hard drive.

Perhaps you are confusing GPU and video/graphics cards? GPU stands for Graphics processing Unit. Video clip cards have actually GPUs (the mind of the card), similar to how her computer"s motherboard has actually a CPU.

You speak you have seen them offered in a sentence choose they are different, deserve to you administer an example?


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