Out of ideas where prank calls space concerned? If yes, then v this post you could increase the tricks in her bag if placing hoax calls come unsuspecting victims.

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How plenty of times has it happened to you that you have picked increase the phone, just to it is in asked a question, “Sir, is her refrigerator running?”, and also when girlfriend answer in the affirmative, you space squirming understanding that the an answer is walk to it is in hardly funny, “Then why aren’t you running after it.” The only thing ~ above the earth that is worse 보다 a bad joke is a negative prank call. While these may be harmless practical jokes, they room hardly funny, i beg your pardon is missing the point of the whole exercise. In this article, we offer you some funny concepts that will certainly truly tickle the bone and will have you roll on the floor in laughter.


Some that the funniest the pranks room those that are made come friends whom you recognize well and, therefore, you can kid approximately with because that as lengthy as girlfriend want. You know what your breaking point is and you know exactly how long you can stretch the hoax for.

# 1

Call increase the person you space planning come play the prank on and also ask for a fictitious person. The answer many obviously would certainly be wrong number. Call up the human being several times end the next few hours, and in different disguised voices, ask for this person. At the finish of the day, call up the human you are playing the prank on and say, “I am (name the fictitious person). Do you have any type of messages for me.”

# 2

Place a contact to the neighborhood pizza place and insist ~ above ordering because that Chinese food. Once they say they don’t serve the cuisine, litter a tantrum, and also tell them why they have to cater to client needs.

# 3

Place a call to the human you are playing a prank on. As soon as the person picks increase the phone and also says Hello, answer v a Hello. Then once they ask that you are firmly insist that they referred to as you and also they need to tell you that they are. One more twist top top this would certainly be to repeat whatever that the human being on the other end says.

# 4

This is one of the pranks to traction on her brother if you room trying to make him pay because that something he did. As soon as he is out with his friends, ar a speak to to him and also pretend to be an technician from the cellular call service. Phone call him that there have been some problems with the network line and also that they space checking the very same for voice clarity and quality. Asking him to repeat what you say. Acquire him to repeat part stupid and also nonsensical phrases but before going there begin off with an easy statements. Girlfriend will have actually the pleasure of listening to his friends cackling in the background.

# 5

Call up a friend and also pretend to be someone that is giving them a job. Praise their skills and exactly how they have been encourage by several industry specialists. This is tied to do them happy and then start playing the fool v them. Ask for their email id and also repeat it come them yet with a mistake. Once they shot to exactly you, asking them even if it is they room questioning your an abilities and abilities. The is bound to do them nervous. The speak to can end in a an excellent laugh every around.

# 6

Call up her victim (a guy) and also as quickly as he choose up the phone, gain a girl come say, “Hey, you require to understand something. It is poor news…. I’m pregnant.” over there is no man on this earth who will not be freaked the end by a sudden speak to like that.

# 7

Call increase the person you are using the prank idea on and announce the you room an RJ and also that the victim has won a one night’s stay at one of the most luxurious many hotels in the city. Currently proceed to tell him that in stimulate to obtain the voucher, he requirements to answer part questions. Questioning him few of the most embarrassing inquiries that you can think of.

# 8

Call up a random number and as quickly as the person picks up the phone call ask him or her, “Where execute babies come from?” This can be a excellent prank to play on who if you space aiming at embarrassing them.

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So currently you understand what space the an excellent pranks come play ~ above unsuspecting victim expecting a regular phone conversation. So walk ahead and make that call and have a round laughing.