Mountain man "Isaiah Edwards", or better-known as just "Mr. Edwards", was one of the "Ingalls family"s" truest and also most faithful friends. However who is the actor behind the role? uncover out appropriate here!

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We were introduced to "the wildcat native Tenessee", "Isaiah Edwards" throughout an "Ingalls family" remain in Independence, Kansas. "Isaiah Edwards" or "Mr. Edwards" together he was fondly referred to as by the "Ingalls" children" would become a clip of the family. 

"Mr. Edwards", if a poorly educated dirt farmer himself, would become known because that his generosity in the direction of the "Ingalls family". Help the family to develop their new home on the prairie, "Mr. Edwards" and also "Charles Ingalls" come to be fast friends. Ironically, the real life "Mr. Edwards" and actor and also creator Michael Landon were additionally best buds! 


Victor French together "Mr.Edwards" with tiny House on the Prairie co-stars Melissa Gilbert and also Dean Butler

Victor French together "Mr.Edwards" 

So that was the man behind the above "Mr. Edwards"? None various other than American actor and also director Victor French! Victor French started his career together a stuntman in Westerns, appearing in plenty of popular collection including GunsmokeThe Virginian, and Bonanza

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Victor French would fulfill his Little home on the Prairie co-star Michael Landon if on the set of Bonanza. The 2 would quickly become inseparable and also when Landon walk on to create Little home on the Prairie, casting Victor French together his on-screen finest friend "Mr. Edwards" cemented their friendship! 

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Victor French"s Legacy

Not just would Victor French star in Little home on the Prairie, yet he would also aid to periodically write some of the episodes! In enhancement to appearing in every nine periods of the series, Victor French would likewise become popular for his appearances in various other Westerns including Carter Country and Highway to Heaven.

Sadly, after ~ a three-month fight with lung cancer, Victor French would certainly pass far in 1989 in ~ the young age of 54. Strange enough, his ideal friend Michael Landon would additionally pass away at the age of 54 two years later!

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While the western genre lost a true legend method too soon, Victor French"s contribute to Westerns will certainly live ~ above forever, and also he has since been inducted into the good Western Performers room of Fame in ~ the nationwide Cowboy and Western heritage Museum!