Mountain guy "Isaiah Edwards", or better-known as just "Mr. Edwards", was among the "Ingalls family"s" truest and also most faithful friends. But who is the actor behind the role? Find out appropriate here!

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We were introduced to "the wildcat from Tenessee", "Isaiah Edwards" in the time of an "Ingalls family" stay in Independence, Kansas. "Isaiah Edwards" or "Mr. Edwards" as he was fondly called by the "Ingalls" children" would come to be a staple of the household. 

"Mr. Edwards", while a poorly educated dirt farmer himself, would end up being recognized for his generosity towards the "Ingalls family". Helping the family members to develop their brand-new home on the prairie, "Mr. Edwards" and also "Charles Ingalls" become rapid friends. Ironically, the genuine life "Mr. Edwards" and also actor and also creator Michael Landon were likewise ideal buds! 


Victor French as "Mr.Edwards" through Little House on the Prairie co-stars Melissa Gilbert and also Dean Butler

Victor French as "Mr.Edwards" 

So that was the guy behind the iconic "Mr. Edwards"? None other than Amerideserve to actor and also director Victor French! Victor French began his career as a stuntguy in Westerns, showing up in numerous well-known series including GunsmokeThe Virginian, and Bonanza

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Victor French would meet his Little Housage on the Prairie co-star Michael Landon while on the set of Bonanza. The two would easily end up being inseparable and also once Landon went on to create Little Housage on the Prairie, spreading Victor French as his on-display finest frifinish "Mr. Edwards" cemented their friendship! 

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Victor French"s Legacy

Not just would Victor French star in Little House on the Prairie, yet he would certainly likewise aid to periodically create some of the episodes! In addition to appearing in all nine periods of the series, Victor French would certainly likewise come to be famous for his appearances in other Westerns including Carter Country and Highmethod to Heaven.

Sadly, after a three-month battle through lung cancer, Victor French would pass ameans in 1989 at the young age of 54. Strangely enough, his best friend Michael Landon would certainly likewise pass ameans at the age of 54 two years later!

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While the Western genre shed a true legfinish method also soon, Victor French"s contributions to Westerns will certainly live on forever before, and also he has given that been inducted right into the Great Western Performers Hevery one of Fame at the National Cowboy and also Western Heritage Museum!