New song are constantly coming out every single week and it’s difficult to store track of every one of them. Once you hear a details song and you vibe to it, you deserve to just include it increase on to apologize Music and also you’re an excellent to go. You could do the every so regularly that you nothing even notice how countless songs girlfriend now have actually on apologize Music.In situation you’re curious, deserve to you just easily check how plenty of you have actually on your library in apple Music? The basic answer is no. The trouble lies in the reality that apologize Music doesn’t have a song count feature on iOS. However, over there is actually a rapid workaround the you deserve to do on your Mac. Simply make sure that your Mac is updated to the latest macOSHere’s how to phone call how many songs you have actually on apologize Music using your Mac:Open the Music application on your Mac.Under the Library section, click on the song tab.
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In the macOS Music app, once the Library ar Songs view is selected, if only one tune is selected, the total number of songs in the Library is shown in the bar in ~ the bottom of the window.

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