There"s one specifically memorable moment in the 1994 Arnold Schwarzenegger double-life comedy-action flick "True Lies." the goes favor this: Harry Tasker (Schwarzenegger) has actually sent his wife Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis) to seduce a stranger in the surname of an undercover mission and plant a pest in a hotel room. Helen doesn"t understand that she target is Harry, and also that he has actually used his spy relations to offer her a taste that adventure, i beg your pardon she has long to be craving due to his distance and also her boredom with her very own life. 

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After dumping a vase filled with water over she head and also slinking right into the room in a black color dress, Helen gets right into the mission by performing a striptease for the shadowed stranger. Harry watch multiple new sides the his wife, and also Helen is great to discover that somehow her husband has succeeded in living a twin life — bouncing between a domestic sphere comprise herself and their daughter and also a nonstop world of action and excited afforded that by daring spying missions.

It"s a scene that"s difficult to forget, and in the years because the film"s release, many have wonder the very same thing: Is that yes, really Curtis doing the to dance in "True Lies," or is it a body double? 

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That is actually Jamie Lee Curtis performing the step — and she walk it without anything resembling a rehearsal or formerly arranged choreography beforehand. "The thing that nobody knows: There was no rehearsal, over there is no choreographer. Jim claimed to me, "What execute you desire to dance to?"" Curtis common on the June 24, 2021 episode of the "People in the 90"s" podcast (via People). She said co-hosts Jason Sheeler and also Andrea Lavinthal the the step took 3 days come shoot.

In the scene in "True Lies," the dance includes Curtis acquisition a pratfall together Helen slips off of the pole — an idea that director Cameron proposed. "At one point, Jim walked up and also he whispered in my ear, "If I gain a pad, will you let walk of the pole?" ns said, "Sure." for this reason they just wheeled in a tiny thin mat, top top the ground, and also we did it again, and also I allow go," Curtis recalled. "It"s because Jim knew the the run was as well sexy; that was as well real. It began to actually be good, and also he knew he necessary to break the spell of what the husband had actually put his wife through. I think us did 2 takes whereby I let walk of the pole." 

Curtis then included that the scene provided her "the single biggest laugh will ever get in life." and also for trivia fans the end there: The song Curtis was dancing to together they shoot the step was man Hiatt"s "Alone in the Dark."