In lieu of the 16th anniversary the the film, Peter Pan, Rachel Hurd-Wood and also Jeremy Sumpter recall the story that Peter Pan and Wendy Darling’s romance and adventure.

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Remember fallout’s in love in your early on tween years with the idea of a minxy tiny boy flying in v your open up window, whisking you far to a miracle land whereby you never grow up? I definitely do. And also if you anything choose me – romantic, nostalgic, and also incredibly hopeless – then you’ll remember one of the many iconic failed romances that assisted shape ours childhoods.

So, grab part tissues, acquire them sad song ready, and also strap in together we remember the Peter and Wendy love affair the shook ours young hearts and also shredded them come pieces.

PJ Hogan’s 2003 Peter Pan film, which an initial premiered December 9 in the UK, was one of the many enchanting, captivating, and also culturally transcendent movies of that decade. For this reason transcendent in reality that even up to this day, world are still talking about it.


“I’m delighted for it to have actually been significant enough in people’s lives for lock to execute so,” Rachel Hurd-Wood who once played the loveable and headstrong Wendy Darling, speaks humbly. “In particular, when world say it had a positive influence on their childhood, or their children’s, it truly warms mine heart.”

The film was stunning every on that own. It had a charming manuscript which us still quote to now (never important is one awfully long time!), and also the colorful world of Neverland yes, really took the audience in with its breathtaking promise that adventure. However the film’s best pull was, and constantly will be, the mystifying chemistry between its two leading characters, Peter and also Wendy.

“Rachel and also I fell in love top top set.” Jeremy Sumpter, that we every know and also love together the sly and mischievous Peter Pan, brazenly declares when asked about the two characters’ romance.

“She to be my first love; ns was her first love. And it is an excellent to recognize that we will constantly have that.”

Yes, you read that right; the two actors seemed to have actually actually remained in love on-set–at least according to Jeremy. And maybe it’s those real-life feel of the young and also brash first love that really collection the romantic tone of the two characters. Jeremy highlights that as soon as you check out it in both his and Rachel’s eyes, that love the Peter and also Wendy had, “you know it’s comes from a genuine place.”


“The relationship in between Peter and Wendy is for this reason sweet,” Rachel chimes in with her own two cents, albeit a little more focused top top the actual personalities with a lot less undertaking into their an individual lives on-set. “Peter is fun, unplagued by something serious. Wendy is drawn to that, but additionally carries a feeling of responsibility…and a desire to be in ‘the real world’.”

Rachel comments no further about the impact of her and also Jeremy’s chemistry ~ above the relationship between Peter and also Wendy. “We go our best, us were so young.”

There’s something very uncanny around their responses that unknowingly reflects the dynamic in between the two characters they once portrayed. To Rachel – whose character Wendy left Peter Pan and also Neverland to grow up, wear responsibilities, and abandon adventure – unrequited love is a issue of suffering something in the midst of those dull moments in real life.

“Unrequited romantic carries a real bittersweet tang.” She comments carefully. “I think we’re all quite numbed to a lot this days, so the endure of feelings is welcome come many, even if castle negative.”

In complete contrast, Jeremy–whose Peter Pan is wild and also passionate, even if it is in his feelings of want and also greed or of anger and also sadness–likens the unrequited romance to the experience of young love. He believes over there is something chaste and lost in that concept of letting go and moving ~ above from the love.

“That feeling you acquire in her heart, stomach, the butterflies—young love is the most powerful love over there is.” that asserts. “It’s raw, the fresh, it’s brand-new and we may never have those feeling again.”


This difference in opinion might be attributed to their very different experiences v love and also all the points that come with it. Rachel is happy to say the she has now get an impression up, happy married to she husband, and a mommy to her infant boy. Meanwhile, Jeremy is still waiting to uncover his “long-lasting love”.

“Although,” the whispers in that same old happy banter–you can almost imagine that signature Peter Pan smirk creeping ago up–and suddenly, we’re twelve again. “I will constantly have that young love the I have for Rachel.”

As their courses diverged end the years, be separate by their differences and the disturbance of growing up, really much prefer their characters, there is one thing that they deserve to both agree on. The is, whether or no you feel any attachment at all to the Peter and Wendy characters, because that whatever form of romantic they may have had, your story is finest told unrequited and also open-ended.

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“I think the open-ended nature that the story is a large factor in its overall appeal, so come close the door…would threaten the narrative,” Rachel earnestly tells us.