Ever since it very first premiered, fans have actually been obsessed with Hannah Montana. The fan-favorite series aired its very first episode on in march 24, 2006 and also came to its bittersweet end on January 16, 2011, after 4 seasons and 98 episodes. Throughout the show, both Hannah and Miley had some super cute love interests, yet what are they as much as now?

Since the Disney Channel show pertained to an end in 2011, the stars go on to attain a lot of in Hollywood. Miley Cyrus, for example, came to be a huge star and nabbed some major roles in both movies and TV shows, consisting of The last Song, So Undercover and more. She’s additionally known as a music superstar!

Just like Miley, few of her on-screen love interests from her Hannah Montana days have actually made major names for themselves. Cody Linley, because that one, was recognized as Jake Ryan to fans but in actual life, he’s an accomplished actor. Throughout a 2016 interview through MTV, Cody dished on playing opposite Miley throughout his stint on the Disney Channel series. The gibbs remembered his scene companion as “super sweet” and also “very fun,” noting the the “Wrecking Ball” singer “taught how to have actually fun on collection and just, friend know, laugh.”

“Miley’s success has ongoing to grow, so i’m proud that her and also her work-related ethic and also to have been a component of something that made an impact,” Cody said at the time.

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Once talking around his character’s relationship with the undercover popstar, the former DWTS contestant called Jake and Miley “such a enhance made in heaven.”

“I even thought that we were walk to it is in together, and it was so sweet, cause Miley was i think kinda bummed that they composed my character out , but you know it’s a show, over there is only two means they could go through it, so ns was happy for the moment that i had,” he additionally explained to MTV.

Aside native Cody, Hollywood heartthrobs choose Lucas Till, Drew Roy, Corbin Bleu and more appeared together boyfriends for the fictitious Miley Stewart. It’s safe to say she to be paired through some quite swoon-worthy guys! What have they to be up to because their Hannah Montana days? Well, J-14 decided to execute some investigating and also find the end what castle all as much as now, and also a many them have ongoing to have actually pretty effective careers!

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