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Restored 1966 man Deere 3020 Diesel. 3082 Hours. 8/2 Transmission. 2 Remotes. 540/1000 PTO with Both Shafts. 3 PT With optimal Link. 9.5SL-15SL prior Tires. New 15.5-38 behind Tires. 2 front Weights. Local...See every seller comments


1970 john Deere 3020 Diesel Tractor, 65 HP, 5,981 Hours, next Console solitary Remote, large Front, front & Rear solitary Tires 10%, regional Tractor, always Shedded...$13,900Express Financing acquire P...See every seller comments


Configuration: Standard, Cab: No Cab, former Axle: 2WD, behind PTO: 540/1000, Loader: No, energy Tractor -Rear 540 / 1,000 RPM PTO -Standard 3 point Hitch -No Rear twin Wheels -16.9 X 34 Inch behind Tires...See all seller comments
Cab: No Cab, Transmission: Syncro, Guidance-ready: No, indict Receiver: No, guidance Display: No, prior Axle: 2WD, rear PTO: 540/1000, tire Width: Mid, Loader: No, gas, 1968 JD 3020 gas, wide front,...See all seller comments
Gas, side Console, Syncro, 2 Hyd"s, 540/1000 Pto, 3Pt, 15.5X38 Rubber, 100 hours On brand-new Overhaul and Clutch, Rebuilt Carb, every Lights WorkExpress Financing obtain Pre-ApprovedGet a FR8Star Shippi...See every seller comments
1 the 400 Built, Gas, Powershift, current Rebuilt PowerShift, new Battery, 540/1000 Pto, next Console, 1 Hyd, brand-new Rear 16.9X34 Rubber, Diff Lock, new SeatExpress Financing gain Pre-ApprovedGet a...See every seller comments
Cab: No Cab, former Axle: 2WD, Transmission: power Shift, Guidance-ready: No, guidance Receiver: No, guidance Display: No, behind PTO: 540, tires Width: Narrow, Loader: No, 3020 2WD, solitary FRONT, PS TRANS...See every seller comments
Cab: No Cab, rear Tires: Singles, tires Width: Wide, Loader: No, john Deere 3020LP propane not countless of these left in this good of shape!, 1965 man Deere 3020LP propane in good shape! original owner

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JOHN DEERE 3020 GAS TRACTOR , , , 1970 version WITH 2700 hrs USE , wide FRONT end , 540/1000 PTO , THREE point HITCH , two PAIR OF behind HYD OUTLEWTS , TIRES ARE good , repaint IS VERY...See all seller comments