I am looking for a safe torrent for Jurassic Park: procedure Genesis, due to the fact that physical duplicates are literally in the 100s+, and also Ikeep hearing about a community who has actually been modding the game for a while now, and also would prefer to sign up with that community for feedback only.

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It has actually been a couple of months due to the fact that this video game has been talked about on this sub. Ns posted a video clip about in r/DinoVGs, and figured because this is one of the more famous dinosaur games, ns should most likely play.

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I am in search of a for sure torrent for Jurassic Park: procedure Genesis

check the Pirate Bay

Ikeep hearing about a community who has actually been modding the video game for a when now, and would favor to sign up with that community


Modding Genesis is the community you're spring for. They're responsible for the genesis expansion project, and have a pretty forum specialized to mentioning the game

Normally pirated content is not allowed however because the only method to obtain your hand on a copy is to pay $500 ~ above ebay, I'll enable it. But I personally have actually my ps2 copy from as soon as it was new and ns downloaded my pc copy off TPB about 6 month ago. That did take around a day come download since there were just 2 seeders. Many of the copies are safe and also virus free.

I just bought the Xbox version for $30 at agree Gaming in Fayetteville, NC. No case though, however still in great condition.

I've to be a Mac gamer because that a while, and I to be able to discover a Mac friendly variation on TPB a few days ago. It's pretty easy to find if you understand what you're feather for, and I imagine the pc version is even simpler to find.

Dang!! Are duplicates of operation Genesis that rare? execute you think mine copy is worth a lot of money or something? not that I'm trying to market it, as well fond the memories.

Follow the accuse on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQehxmrsVQg I have actually used it and also it functions perfectly. Scanned v antivirus and it comes up clean.

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