In July the 2010, Kenny Chesney released the an initial single on his 12th studio album, Hemingway’s Whiskey. 10 years later and also the monitor “The boys of Fall” still resonates through football-lovers everywhere, yet this season the song could have a new meaning to it.

When “The guys of Fall” to be released 10 years ago, fanscould still to visit games and athletes can still pat in the games. This yearbecause the the coronavirus, us don’t really know exactly how the football season willgo.

In 2009, once Casey Beathard and Dave Turnbull co-wrote “TheBoys of Fall,” i m sorry was influenced by your love because that football, the players andfans to be prepping for the start of the season. The tune peaked in ~ No. 14in September and also by October the 2010, the song had hit No. 1 ~ above the BillboardHot nation Songs Chart.

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Turnbull mutual with American Songwriter what thisexperience was like and how these 2 songwriters concerned write together.

“We had actually written plenty of times before, I’ve known him foryears,” states Turnbull. “It was type of soccer weather; the went from thiscomplete heat like the is now, to the an initial chilly day where you can feel thecool in the air, that kinda felt favor football.”

The location “The boys of Fall” came from an e-mail that wassent to Beathard that included the phrase and also after deciding on the title, “itstarted creating itself,” claims Turnbull.

Beathard defines that as soon as Chesney heard the song, heknew he would certainly be the one to sing it.

“It was phenomenal. I think the song was created forKenny. Ns can’t watch anybody else doing it. His passion and his vision because that whathe does, that is his life,” claims Beathard. “We didn’t have actually really any type of bigexpectations the it, because it wasn’t the common narrative ~ above radio. Therefore wedidn’t know what to carry out with it, but Kenny did. Kenny saw it and as soon as heheard the he said, ‘I see this entirety thing, I acquire it.’”

“We’re just grateful the he experienced what it supposed to us andtook the moment to put together a documentary and also a video that just impacted somany people.”

While fans love the town hall the competitiveness and seeingtheir favourite team walk off the field with a win, there is much an ext to footballthan simply the game. The emotional music video clip for “The boys of Fall” revealsthis.

The video clip directed through Shaun Silva, opens up with Sean Payton,coach of the new Orleans Saints and 1982 central alumnus, offering a motivating speech to the team inthe locker room. This was the very same locker room wherein he once prepared to headout to the field as a player at Naperville central High institution in Illinois. NapervilleCentral football Coach, Mike Stine, shared what it was prefer to be able to seethe video clip come to life in person.

“When ns watch that video, i still acquire goosebumps. Thatlocker room talk couldn’t have talked about high college football any type of better.”

It’s not every day a small, suburban town in Illinoisgets the possibility to be one of the settings of a music video for a well-knowncountry artist, such together Kenny Chesney. When Coach Stine heard the news, that wasall because that it, even though the time wasn’t the best.

“We made decision this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,let’s walk ahead and also do it. Just to be part of that entirety experience, the wasgreat for our totality program, because that me personally, for our players and for ourschool.”

One of the numerous reasons world love football is because that theexcitement the the game, just how it keeps girlfriend on your toes. This video game wasn’t lookinggood for the Naperville central Redhawks that were down 17-0 in ~ halftime, however infootball, the game isn’t over until the clock runs out. The Redhawks cametogether as a team in ~ the finish of the game, also with all the distractions ofthe camera crew and the push of gift watched through Sean Payton.

“We came ago and finished up win the video game 21-17 indramatic fashion. It to be a ‘made for TV’ game, other than it was real life.”

The song and also the short video clip weren’t sufficient for Chesney.Following the release of the single, the famous singer decided to take a yearoff touring and expand ~ above the music video, to produce a “The guys of Fall”documentary because that ESPN.

Beathard even got to see one of his oldest son’s footballgames filmed for the video. Luckily, they won the video game that night.

“He believed he was simply going to be making a video and itturned right into much more. That documentary was a story about life, life andworking for her brothers and sisters, complying with the rules and doing what ittakes to acquire things done. The was his message,” states Beathard.

Coach Stine express hope the his team, and theother high college teams, would have the ability to play this season. Unfortunately, ithas freshly been announced that there will likely be no fall football seasonfor high schools, colleges or universities in Illinois and also many various other states.

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Even though “The boys of Fall” may not it is in heard ~ above thefield this year, you can still hear to the tune to keep the storage of theFriday night lights alive, until we room all may be to return to it in person.

“I think it may stir up even much more appreciation forcommunity, just coming together in the name of something. It’s therefore awesome.There’s nothing favor Fridays, Saturdays and also even Sundays as soon as everybody comestogether. Nevertheless of those going on in the world, we have the right to turn that off, walk tothat game, cheer for our favourite team and also be part of something, the reallymeans a many to us in our tiny communities,” states Beathard. “I think it’llbuild a larger appreciation because that the video game as that comes and goes this fall, withoutfootball to host onto.”

Hopefully the fans will soon go back to the stands and theplayers will be able to step on the ar to feel the chill, smell the freshcut grass and think, “I’mback in my helmet, cleats, and shoulder pads standing in the huddle, listeningto the call, pan going crazy for the boys of fall.”