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Recently, I got a Kentucky Legend smoked Ham come review, and also let me phone call you: it to be delicious! i am a little bit picky around ham so i knew precisely what I wanted to carry out with it. Girlfriend see, my mother makes the many beautiful hams because that every holiday, and also hers is virtually the only ham I’ll eat. So, while I believe you could unwrap this ham and simply roasted it follow to the directions to have an absolutely awesome dinner (the delicious-smelling aroma that filled my kitchen as soon as I opened it is proof of that!), I made decision to prepare that this way:


YaYa’s small Ham

What friend need:

Ham (obviously)

Pineapple Slices


Maraschino Cherries

Whole Cloves


Brown Sugar

What friend do

Place the ham in a roasting pan

climate score the ham diagonally one means then the other, creating little diamonds. (The Kentucky Legend Ham was already scored so that made this much easier!) Stick entirety cloves
in a diamond pattern over the entire ham. (You needn’t put too many. Just every pair of inches.) drainpipe Pineapple Slices
and also reserve juice. Species Pineapple Slices
end the surface ar of the ham through toothpicks. Put a cherry in the center of every of the Pineapple Slices
. Be sure to eliminate cherry stems as they will burn if baking. Mix about 1/4 cup of brown street with scheduled juice and also brush over ham. Usage this mixture to baste ham while it’s baking. Roasted according come package directions.



The Kentucky Legend ham was delicious, however y’all, it was also really an excellent for our family because it to be boneless therefore there to be no waste! it was also much much easier to slice. We delighted in it for dinner then for sandwiches then as part of a very delicious potato soup.

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If you’re looking for a wonderful product for her holiday dinners, be certain to take into consideration a Kentucky Legend ham. Visit their website to learn where come buy one in her area, and then take it the guesswork out of your planning by using the chart on that page to aid you determine just how much ham you’ll in reality need. Friend can also find them on Facebook!

Visit the Kentucky Legend website to discover more…you have the right to even call their Ham Hotline with your concerns this holiday season.

Disclosure: I obtained the ham to review, but the opinions shared above are my an extremely own. This write-up contains affiliate links.