knife Art Online: 5 reasons Why Kirito & Asuna Make sense As A couple (& 5 Why lock Don't) Kirito and also Asuna are one of the most well-known couples in sword Art Online. Yet do they yes, really make feeling together or should they be apart?

Kirito and also Asuna are one of the most famous couples in Sword art Online. When it was released in 2012, the highly-acclaimed series made both an excellent waves and also bad because that the writing as well as the main coupling of key characters. Kirito and also Asuna became such a popular couple that at one allude they were the most cosplayed characters at anime conventions.

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While some fans regarded their partnership with rose-tinted glasses, some frequently found problems with their relationship. Below are 5 reasons why Asuna and Kirito do the perfect couple and 5 others why they might not be together a an excellent match ~ all.

The Sword Art virtual light novel and also anime different from each other on how much time Kirito and Asuna spent time together before affirming their condition as a couple, and also eventually, in-game husband and wife.

While the newly-written Sword arts Online: Progressive makes Kirito and also Asuna"s connection a lot far better by explaining exactly how their connection progressed and also showed lock interacting, the initial light novel did not show them speaking, and also much much less the anime, together it sail from the resource material a bit.

while the anime and light novel adjust the way Kirito and Asuna meet and also interact in the at an early stage game, the is true that they to be friends prior to they became lovers. This is shown in one episode where they spoke as friends, and also he come over come Asuna"s house in the in-game world.

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While lock were undoubtedly flirting with each other, the was more of one innocent thing than the "in love through you" phase. Due to the fact that of this, their relationship did develop naturally.

This might be because they were stuck in a fatal survival video game in the initial Sword arts Online, but Kirito and Asuna do show signs that being also co-dependent. This was shown in a twisted means once Oboreon recorded Asuna.

Asuna, who was the sub-leader that The Knights the the Blood Oath, was captured and suddenly became a damsel-in-distress. At the time, every Asuna could do was wait because that Kirito come come and also save her. Vice-versa, Kirito appears to lose any type of sense that wanting to do anything if Asuna is in danger.

7 renders Sense: They know Each Other

One thing about Kirito and also Asuna is that throughout the hell that was Sword art Online, they had a mutual knowledge of one another. This is due to the fact that they spent so lengthy in-game that they had no an option but to interact, learn each other"s pet peeves, and likewise talk - a lot.

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This is why both that them to trust each various other unconditionally and also why castle seem come not have the ability to live there is no the other as soon as they space apart.

in ~ the exact same time, however, Kirito and Asuna hardly ever fight for a couple. When this is healthy, it is in turn unhealthy because that a pair to not have actually at least a few fights every as soon as in a while. Whether that be a distinction of opinion or just being excited by a pets peeve, they carry out not fight at all.

Kirito and Asuna did have actually a few fights in the beginning prior to they ended up being lovers, yet it suddenly stopped after that. They it seems ~ a little too perfect, and that is a problem.

5 makes Sense: They gain Along In real Life

Kirito and Asuna"s partnership knows no bounds, and also this is why even when they fulfill each various other in the real world for the an initial time, they get along extremely well.

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Even when they attend school, or just have a consistent date, lock act as a true couple. This is shown when the an initial thing Kirito thinks about when he awakens is Asuna, leaves his hospital bed, and tries to discover out whereby she is after getting booted the end of the game.

although Kirito and also Asuna both enjoy playing virtual games, they do not have much in typical when one sits ago to think about it. Kirito loves technology and computers, so much so the he constructed his own.

On the various other hand, Asuna enjoys cooking and not lot else, from what Reki Kawahara wrote. Because of this, that is unknown if Kirito and also Asuna share usual interests.

3 provides Sense: They have actually Gone v A lot Together

Trapped within a game where 10,000 players have to defeat each various other to live, Kirito and Asuna developed quite the bond, and thus have been through hell and earlier - literally, as fans room pretty sure they "died" once.

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Because they recognize what the knife Art Online endure was like, and likewise know what lock went v in the digital world, lock both have experienced a lot of together.

This is true in both the light novel and also the anime, however less for this reason in Sword art Online: Progressive. However, in Sword arts Online their connection kicks off instantly in one episode, that seems.

This is true, as Kirito and also Asuna had one episode they to be friends, through Asuna gift in the Knights that the Blood Oath and also acting as a high-ranking official, and also Kirito talking v her more. However in the next episode, they were hinted to have been dating, as Asuna proved Lisbeth earrings he bought her.

1 renders Sense: They space Loyal To each Other

One thing that pan of Sword Art digital cannot refuse is how loyal Kirito and also Asuna space to each other. No matter how many girls are thrown at Kirito, he never ever turns one eye to them and thinks about Asuna. The same goes because that Asuna, as also though Kirito was stuck inside project Alicization and was in a coma, she never ever left him.

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In fact, she put herself in hazard to save him. This reflects the connection in between them and also shows how solid the a couple they are, also with their flaws.

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