New York City is made up of 5 boroughs: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and also Staten Island. Each one has enough attractions—and sufficient personality—to be a city every its own. Learn more about them with this guide.

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This is where hip-hop was born, where the Yankees became a dynasty and where you deserve to find new York City’s top zoo and botanical garden.

The Bronx is the northernmost borough of brand-new York City, as well as the only borough situated in the mainland joined States. The is a very residential borough, home to about 1.4 million people, making it the 5th most heavily populated county in the State and the 26th many populous in the country. Many real building in the borough is residential, predominantly in the form of multi-family devices such together apartments quite than single-family homes. The economy of the borough is primarily in your ar oriented, with heavy concentration in the Trade and Services sectors.


No matter exactly how hip that looks ~ above TV, NYC’s most populous borough is finest experienced in person. Check out on to find out about live music, prospect Park, Nets basketball and more.

Brooklyn, or queens County, is brand-new York City’s many populous borough through 2.5 million residents, or 30.7 percent the the City’s full population. Brooklyn’s 71 square miles are residence to a diverse and also growing sleeve market, entertainment, and also residential areas. The borough’s economy is generally locally-oriented, with hefty concentrations in the Services and also Trade sectors.

Even if friend think you know Manhattan—its world-class museums, fine dining and unforgettable views—the borough always has something new and interesting in store.

Manhattan is the the smallest borough in new York City (“NYC” or “City”) based upon land area. That covers 10,890 acre (7.1 percent that NYC), of which 24.9 percent is open an are and 37.5 percent is under residential use. House to 1.6 million people, or a fifth of NYC’s population, the borough is the 19th most populous county in the US and also the 5th most populous in brand-new York State. V its high population density, many real building in the borough is residential, predominantly in the type of multi-family units fairly than single-family homes. Manhattan is the biggest county-level economy in the State and employs 61.6 percent the the City’s workers, with heavy concentration in the Services, Finance and also Insurance and also Trade sectors.

Taste food from around the globe, clock Mets baseball and also US open tennis, view cutting-edge art and more in among the world’s most diverse places.

Queens consists 35 percent the the City’s complete area with 109 square mile of land. That vast space allows for among the most energetic industrial locations within the five boroughs, 7,000 acre of parklands and also home the the two biggest airports in the tri-state area. Queens has a diverse economy with major industries including Services, Trade, Manufacturing, and also Construction.

Staten Island

Take a cost-free ferry ride to an island getaway filled with historical architecture, stunning views, gardens and also many family-friendly attractions.

 Spread over 30,734 acres, Staten Island is the third largest borough in the City. It has one-fifth of the City’s shoreline, and half of the waterfront is designated for commercial use. There space over 170 parks covering much more than 12,300 acres, through 4,000 acre on the waterfront. The borough’s economy is in your ar oriented, with hefty concentrations in wellness Care and Social Assistance and also Retail Trade.

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