If you’ve currently made your method through Netflix’s latest true-crime series, Murder among The Mormons, climate you’ve additionally probably been doing some web sleuthing around Mark Hofmann, the murderous master forger in ~ the facility of Jared Hess and Tyler Measom’s documentary. Hofmann refuse to be interviewed because that the production, however there’s a many of info readily available about the 36-year-old case that goes beyond the limit of the series. Hell, there’s also a Law & Order: Criminal intent episode based on Hofmann’s crimes—and the stars Stephen Colbert.

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The season-three episode “The Saint,” which an initial aired in march 14, 2004 on NBC, saw Colbert, then just a year away from debuting The Colbert Report, take on the duty of James Bennett, a collector and authenticator of rarely documents—and, together we soon learn, forger of countless of claimed documents. Detectives Goren (Vincent D’Onofrio) and also Eames (Kathryn Erbe) uncover the antiques dealer’s fraudulent tasks while in pursuit of a killer, who likewise turns the end to be Bennett.

Directed by frank Prinzi, “The Saint” reworks the story of Hofmann and also the series of mail-bombs he deployed in October 1985, two of which eliminated Mormon bishop and also fellow document collector Steve Christensen, and Kathy Sheets, the wife of Christensen’s former boss. The religious institution at the facility of the story is no the Mormon Church, however some various other Christian or Catholic organization (no denomination is given). A structure created in the surname of a brothers Jerome has actually spent years marketing for that do-gooder’s sainthood. However those plans room derailed by the discovery of a “Goat Letter” (a riff ~ above Hofmann’s incendiary “Salamander Letter”), which purportedly presents proof that brothers Jerome wasn’t relocated by the holy Spirit, but by the Devil—a substantial deviation native Hofmann’s fake letter, which said Mormon Church founder Joseph smith was caused the gold plates that hosted the tenets the his religion by folk magic instead of God.

As Bennett, Colbert is a large old history nerd, his cadence crescendoing once providing record analysis. Yet he’s simply as resentful as he is bookish, i beg your pardon jibes v Hofmann’s background as well. The Late show host is also plainly having funny in the function of a mastermind who, simply as Hofmann did, elicits a sort of appalled awe indigenous investigators. Also Goren admits Bennett’s “not just good” but “extraordinary.”

“The Saint” (and the rest of Law & Order: Criminal Intent) is streaming top top Peacock.

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