If you’ve played league of Legends for long enough, then you’ve probably had actually someone in your video game complain about their ping.

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But what specifically is ping and how can it influence your gamings so much?

Every player in video game has a organization of Legends ping that have the right to be represented by a number. Ranging from 1 come 999, this number procedures the round-trip time in millisecond for data sent from your computer to the organization of Legends server.

As you’ve more than likely guessed, the reduced the number the better.

By having a lower organization of Legends ping, you receive data much faster from the organization of Legends servers i m sorry can offer you a slight advantage over other players. Yes a factor why big eSports tournaments are held offline, anyone plays indigenous the same location and also therefore has actually the exact same ping. This way you’ll never have actually a player with 30 ping versus someone with 300.

We’ll gain onto the reasons for high ping later on, however for currently it’s ideal to take it a look in ~ your own ping and also how you have the right to test it.

How to Test her Ping


Once you sign up with the game, it’s feasible to have actually you ping shown in the optimal right edge of the display screen so you have the right to monitor it throughout play - nothing end 100 is right for playing league of Legends. This is every fine and also good, yet how deserve to you test her ping before you get in a game? after all, if friend knew you had a high ping that 300 or greater in the first place, would you even try to play a league of Legends?

One that the finest tools for experimentation your ping is speed Test Plus.

Using this virtual tool, you can easily examine your ping in a matter of seconds prior to deciding if you need to start a video game or not.

Simply struggle the begin test button and also watch it execute its magic. If you"re exterior of the US, don"t worry - there"s lot of of other speed tests the end there that deserve to be used!.

During the test, a vast number of metrics will be measured, consisting of ping and jitter. These are two critical things, however there"s something else that have to be taken right into account; packet loss. You"ll additionally want come visit this website to discover whether or no you"re enduring from packet loss.

Understanding The check Results

The three main quality metrics the it"s necessary to emphasis on are packet loss, ping and jitter, as discussed above. Let’s take it a look in ~ what these median in an ext detail;

Packet Loss

The first of the 3 components, packet ns measures just how much data is lost over your web connection. If the server sends out 100 packets, then you expect to get 100 packets. If any get shed along the way then this have the right to cause significant problems for numerous programs and also games. The tell-tale indicators of this would be things such as bad voice call quality, pauses with video streaming and also warping in games.

There’s no allude measuring the rest of your link if you aren’t receiving all of the packets.


The second important component of the network class is her ping. Choose we mentioned before, ping is a numerical representation of exactly how long that takes a packet the data to travel to and from a server.

The lower the number the much better as it way the trip time is much shorter, but you deserve to still expect great results with anything much less than 100.


The last component is jitter which web links in carefully with ping. Jitter is the variance in ping tests. 0 jitter method the results were the very same every time, whereas any type of positive number would certainly be the quantity in which lock varied.

Like many of the other components it’s unrealistic to have actually 0 jitter yet it’s likewise not necessary. Plenty of games and programs will work-related fine through a little jitter amount and shouldn’t it is in too much of a concern.

Reasons for High organization of Legends Ping


Now did you do it tested your net connection and interpreted the results it’s time to solve any type of problems you may have. If you obtained a class C or above, then great news! You have the right to play league of Legends and also shouldn’t experience any issues. Because that those of girlfriend that gained a D or listed below you’re more than likely wondering why your ping is for this reason bad. Let’s have a watch at few of the factors for high ping.


The very first and most usual reason because that high ping is downloading while trying come play a game. If you have a vapor update downloading and install in the background while trying to play a video game then it will severely influence your ping come the point where the video game becomes unplayable.

This can also happen if friend live in a busy family members where other family members members usage the web at the same time. If her brother or sister is the town hall a HD YouTube video or downloading and install something when you space playing a game, her ping will go v the roof. If you the only human using the internet and you’re still gaining high ping then it’s most most likely one the the other reasons.

Copper Vs Fiber


Not all internet connections are made equally. Depending upon where you live, you can have heard that telephone internet (copper wires) and fiber internet. Both provide internet come houses yet they both use a different form of wire which can have a slight impact on her ping.

Copper uses… girlfriend guessed it, copper wires to carry the link to your house. Although the does the task well and also is available to nearly every household, there are numerous disadvantages. The first disadvantage is that it have the right to only carry a particular amount of data contrasted to fiber. The second disadvantage is the that more away you are from the web exchange in your area the higher your ping will be.

Fiber, on the other hand, supplies bursts of light to carry data indigenous A to B and is lot faster, efficient and reliable than copper wires. If you contrasted the ping on both connections, fiber would have actually the lowest ping every time.

For a fast rundown top top why fiber is much better than copper call wires clock this video below.

Although fiber have the right to reduce her ping by approximately 20 - 60 ms depending where you live, if you’re struggling through 300 ping or much more then it might be something much more serious.

Old Hardware

Sometimes old hardware deserve to be leading to a bottleneck in your framework which can provide you devastating ping. Those the suggest in having 100MB net if her router is so old it can only do 10MB? If you’ve had actually high ping for as long as you deserve to remember, climate checking the day of her hardware would be a good start to uncover the cause of the problem.

Long distance From Server

Finally, the distance in between the server friend play on can have a substantial effect on your ping. If your organization of Legends ping is constantly incredibly high, then you should dual check you space playing ~ above the right region.

Each region has its own servers hosted in details areas to that region. If you’re playing on the phibìc American servers climate the servers will certainly be situated in phibìc America somewhere. If you from phibìc America but play on europe servers then your link will have to travel countless miles back and forth to send data. No only deserve to data be shed along the means but normally you’ll have actually a high ping as result of the distance.

Now you have actually some ideas on why your ping might be so high, how exactly can you boost your ping?

How to boost Your league of Legends Ping


There space several methods you can improve your league of Legends ping. Some are as straightforward as transforming off automatic updates while some need a bit an ext time and investment. If you desire the shortest ping possible in game, here are part tips on what you have the right to do.

Stop Downloading

As mentioned before, the most usual reason for high ping in games is early out to downloading while playing. To stop this native happening, you have to make sure all automatically updates room disabled ~ above platforms such as heavy steam and Origin.

In addition to this if friend live in a busy family with lots of internet users climate you should take into consideration investing in a great modem which we will certainly cover later. If you’ve stopped any type of downloads on her computers, then your family members could still be downloading while you room in game. This have the right to be a very annoying problem, but there is one easy means to fix it.

Get Fiber Internet

If you already have fiber internet, climate you should more than likely skip this point. This point is specifically for civilization with copper telephone internet. As we pointed out before, the difference between a fiber and also copper link can be anywhere between 20 - 60 ms in ping. If you want the lowest ping feasible in game then you must invest in a great internet connection.

With countless internet companies now providing fiber internet it’s time to make the change, you’ll thank us later!

Invest in new Hardware

With modern technology getting faster and also faster every year, it’s always important to upgrade your hardware every now and then. If you have actually an old modem or router in your network these could be resulting in you ping difficulties without you also knowing.

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Investing in a good modem is necessary if you want low ping. Brand-new modems have plenty of advantageous features together as top quality of company (QoS) which can be provided to prioritize net traffic. This way if friend live in a busy family with too many of civilization using the internet you can prioritize her gaming web traffic over them.

With a typical modem, the web is split up equally between users an interpretation the much more users linked the an ext the net is split. As soon as using QoS all the web will be command to her computer very first with any spare bandwidth going to various other users. This have the right to severely minimize your ping in game while enabling other civilization in the same home to use the internet. It’s usually a win-win scenario!