Imagine living your life in the public eye with thousands of fans hanging on her every move, examining every photo, pointing out your flaws. It can be difficult, even painful, to work in an market so fixated on physics beauty when trying to preserve a healthy lifestyle and also body image.

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Gutsy, driven, and unapologetically outspoken, actor Leah Remini is no stranger to tough work or harsh criticism. Many recognizable for her function as Carrie Heffernan in the CBS series, The King the Queens, Remini was born right into a normal, middle-class family members in Brooklyn, new York ~ above June 15, 1970.


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Even together a son she had a gift because that comedy and the desire to be an entertainer. Her stable house life readjusted drastically when her parental divorced in 1977 and her mom married Scientologist Dennis Farrara.

Remini, in addition to her larger sister Nicole, to be pressed into serving the new Age church as a child and adapted to a very different way of living that would ultimately lead her into the spotlight.

Leah Remini became a sitcom queen

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Remini, who left the controversial company in 2013, credits the with providing her the poise and also confidence to take it on auditions at a tender age. At 14, she encouraged her mother to let her drop out of traditional school and become an gibbs to assist pay the debts she and her household had occurs in the procedure of their spiritual training.

It just took what she laughingly defined as “an excruciating year” to land her first big duty as the disowned teen, Charlie Briscoe top top Living Dolls in 1989.“And I assumed I had made it,” Remini said during a 2015 interview v ABC’s Dan Harris, “I was choose thinking I’m going come buy my mom a plane, exactly how do celebrities live? I want to purchase a house.”

Little did she know, true stardom was still years away. The Who’s the ceo spinoff, which also featured halle Berry in her acting debut, to be canceled after just 12 episodes.

Not one to offer up, Remini continued to audition. Native 1991 to 1997, she landed small parts and also a couple of leading duties in countless shows choose Man in the Family, Evening Shade, Cheers, and also Fired Up. Capture up top top the details of her extraordinary life and also career top top IMDb.

In 1998, she was actors in The King the Queens. The hit present ran because that nine seasons and also by season six, Remini and also her husband, Angelo Pagán, were expecting their very first child. Not prepared to present a infant to the storyline, the network was tasked through hiding a big secret.

How ‘The King that Queens’ integrated Leah’s real-life pregnancy

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Celebrity baby bumps always draw attention and that deserve to make life on the set an ext complicated. Strategically placed props and trips the take the personalities out of the collection for a couple of episodes are commonly utilized to hide unscripted pregnancies. Overlapping purses and baggy apparel are the normal choices, but Screenrant reports the giant guns were offered to camouflage Christian Serratos’ ship on the collection of The wade Dead.

The strategy for hiding Remini’s pregnancy was a bit an ext challenging. Her jaw-dropping 80-pound weight obtain was difficult to miss. Along with the usual belly hiding tricks, the writers produced a storyline to describe her transforming physique. An unemployed Carrie spent a the majority of time lying about in she bathrobe, presumable eating her feelings.

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Remini talks about motherhood and her infant weight

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Remini expressed she frustration with the public reaction to her weight gain in People. She said: “When you have a baby, and you space not blessed with a line that you deserve to get ago into your blue jeans the really next day, it becomes something to focus on. I don’t even blame the papers. They room making money from it. Yet the civilization who are buying it? … I simply went ~ above Tyra . She has actually a great campaign called ‘So What?’ ns think it’s fabulous. It’s around sending that post — yeah, I’m fat, or yeah, I’m chubby, or yeah, I have actually stretch marks: for this reason what! i love that message.”

Closer Weekly reports that Remini shed the baby weight with a lifestyle readjust and a healthy and balanced eating arrangement designed to exactly hormonal imbalances that deserve to make shedding weight difficult. “I learned the you have to do something the works long term,” she said.

Publicity isn’t kind once stars gain or lose weight unless of course, they execute it for a role. It’s for sure to say that Remini got weight because that her most important role ever, motherhood.

“When you’re a mom, you know that there’s somebody that doesn’t care if you’re increase or under in her career. That doesn’t issue if you’re up or down in her weight,” she said TLC. “No issue what’s walk on in her life, your son loves and also needs you, and I think that’s a beautiful thing.”