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So you gain your cocktails and also you’re wondering about Hawaii’s laws and restrictions. You’re aware that numerous states have actually legislated rules the can impact your drinking pleasure. Because that instance, 33 claims permit persons younger than 21 come consume alcohol or come consume that under specific circumstances. 24 states, including Hawaii, allow adults period 18 or enlarge to have tendency bar in on-premises establishments.

Here, for her edification, room the simple drinking rules in the islands:

The legal drinking period in Hawaii is 21.Bars are allowed to continue to be open daily until 2 a.m.; places with cabaret licenses room able to keep serving booze till 4 a.m.Grocery and also convenience shop are permitted to sell beer, wine, and liquor seven days a week, typically until 11 p.m. Evidence of period is required and also requested at retail establishments, bars, nightclubs, and restaurants, therefore it’s constantly a an excellent idea to carry ID when you go out.You can’t bring open containers of alcohol in your vehicle or in any type of public area the isn’t zoned because that alcohol consumption. (That goes for your passengers, too.) The police have the right to fine you on the spot.Don’t even think around driving when intoxicated.Even though you have to be 21 years old come consume alcohol, in ~ the period of 18 a person have the right to serve in a restaurant the sells alcoholic drink or as a bartender, and also handling or marketing alcohol in a retail package keep as lengthy as a supervisor is presentA blood-alcohol contents (BAC) percent of end .08 percent method that a driver is thought about to be per se intoxicated’ and also can be arrested because that driving under the affect (DUI) based upon this evidence alone. Motorists younger than 21 who are BAC experiment at .02 percent or above will incur DUI penalties.Drivers refusing chemical testing and also drivers through a BAC that .15 percent over the legal border of .08 percent will endure harsher penalties.Drivers doubt of driving under the influence (DUI) have to comply v a police officer’s inquiry for breath, blood, or urine testing for intoxication under comprise consent laws.Yes, even though you are just visiting, a DUI quote will appear on your irreversible record.There’s naught really unusual to concern about. Hawaii’s laws are pretty constant with most other states’. Simply be careful. Getting busted because that an alcohol-related violation is a fantastic way to damage your vacation.

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