Developer: Tt GamesPublisher: Warner Bros. Interaction EntertainmentGenre: activity AdventureRelease: Jun 19, 2012Platform: Xbox 360ESRB: anyone 10+

Cheat mode

Below a perform of cheat password you deserve to use. You have actually to kind them in the "Extras" menu.

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Attract StudsMNZER6
Big HeadsGTDHR3
Character StudsTPJ37T
Character: Alfred PennyworthZAQ637
Character: BatgirlJKR331
Character: Bruce WayneBDJ327
Character: Catwoman (classic)M1AAWW
Character: Clown Goon9ZZZBP or HJK327
Character: Commissioner GordonDDP967
Character: FishmongerHGY748
Character: freeze GirlXVK541
Character: freeze HenchmanNJL412
Character: heavy Joker GoonZQA8MK
Character: Joker Goon9ZZZBP
Character: Joker HenchmanYUN924
Character: LexBotW49CSJ
Character: mad HatterJCA283
Character: Man-BatNYU942
Character: armed forces PolicemanMKL382
Character: Mime GoonZQA8MK
Character: NightwingMVY759
Character: Penguin GoonNKA238
Character: Penguin HenchmanBJH782
Character: Penguin MinionKJP748
Character: toxicity Ivy GoonM9CP6L or GTB899
Character: Police MarksmanHKG984
Character: Police OfficerV9SAGT
Character: Riddler GoonQ285LK
Character: Riddler HenchmanXEU824
Character: S.W.A.T.HTF114
Character: SailorNAV592
Character: ScientistJFL786
Character: security GuardPLB946
Character: The Joker (tropical)CCB199
Character: Two-Face Goon95KPYJ
Character: YetiNJL412
Extra Hearts4LGJ7T
Extra Toggle7TXH5K
Fall RescueTPGPG2
Gold Brick FinderMBXW7V
Minikit FinderLRJAG8
Peril FinderRYD3SJ
Red Brick Finder5KKQ6G
Regenerate HeatsZXEX5D
Studs x 10A92HDW
Studs x 274EZUT
Studs x 4EY2B5C
Studs x 6HYF2B7
Studs x 84H9HQE
Super BuildJN2J6V
Vehicle: Bat-TankKNTT4B
Vehicle: Bruce Wayne"s exclusive JetLEA664
Vehicle: Catwoman"s MotorcycleHPL826
Vehicle: garbage TruckDUS483
Vehicle: Goon HelicopterGCH328
Vehicle: harbor HelicopterCHP735
Vehicle: Harley Quinn"s Hammer TruckRDT637
Vehicle: Harley Quinn"s MotorbikeC79LVH
Vehicle: foolish Hatter"s GliderHS000W
Vehicle: mad Hatter"s SteamboatM4DM4N
Vehicle: Mr. Freeze"s IcebergICYICE
Vehicle: Mr. Freeze"s KartBCT229
Vehicle: Penguin Goon SubmarineBTN248
Vehicle: Police BikeLJP234
Vehicle: Police BoatPLC999
Vehicle: Police CarKJL832
Vehicle: Police HelicopterCWR732
Vehicle: Police VanMAC788
Vehicle: Police WatercraftVJD328
Vehicle: Riddler"s JetHAHAHA
Vehicle: Robin"s SubmarineTTF453
Vehicle: The Joker"s VanJUK657
Vehicle: Two-Face"s Armored TruckEFE933
Vehicle: Zoo SweeperDWR243
Vine GrapplesJXN7FJ
blakktoose, Jun 20, 2012

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