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Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Codes, Cheats, Tips and also Secrets perform (Wii, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Will the Bonus codes mess with Trophies/Achievements? No, they execute not. They didn’t v previous games in the Lego series, and this time is no different, because you deserve to keep earning achievements or Trophies because that this game while utilizing cheat codes.

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Cheat Codes


Index that Lego Pirates that the Caribbean Guides:

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Character Unlock Codes

How to activate codes: friend can go into these codes from the key Menu then selecting Extras and also then get in Code.

Lego Pirates that The Caribbean cheats video guide:

Lego Pirates of The Caribbean cheat list:

Ammand – EW8T6TAngelica (Disquise) – DLRR45Angry Cannibal – VGF32CBlackbeard – D3DW0DClanker – ZM37GTClubba – 644THFDavy Jones – 4DJLKRGovernor Weatherby Swann – LD9454Gunner – Y611WBHungry Cannibal -64BNHGJack Sparrow (Drunk?) – VDJSPW (You need to be at the Port)Jacoby – BWO656Jimmy legs – 13GLW5King George – RKED43Koehler – RT093GMistress Ching – GDETDEPhilip – WEV040Quartermaster – RX58HUThe Spaniard – P861JOTwigg – KDLFKD

Red hat Unlock Codes

While we had actually hoped to have actually these unlock password as shortly as possible, the doesn’t look at likely. Developer Traveller’s Tales has actually said in an e-mail to our leader Tobias — and I quote — that:

“There room no password this time for the Red Hats in LEGO Pirates that The Caribbean. Endowment x2 have the right to be found by conveniently jumping on the 5 pillars ~ above the beach in prior of the Level pick boards. It costs 500,000 studs. This should acquire you ~ above your means to completing the game quicker!”