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Episode III Walkthroughs

Darth Vader

"You to be the liked One!!" - Obi-Wan

Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode III), Anakin Skywalker (Jedi)

True Jedi in ~ 26,000: You"ll get most of your studs in the 2nd area. Make sure you have a decent amount. Probably approximately 20,000 would certainly be best before moving on.

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Story -Passage

This mission"s kinda weird, together the 2 of you are trying to death each other, but assist each other at the exact same time. The course, it"s because they necessary two characters, for this reason let"s play it out. Anyway, conveniently run to the south. The camera"s in a lousy place, so you need to watch closely to do it across the jumps end the lava, or you"ll loss in and have come restart.

Control Room

That timer is how much time friend have before the area collapses top top you. You can prolong this by Forcing the pillars in the center to host up the roof. What you should do is go to the appropriate side and also Force away every the beams prevent the door. Once all 4 are gone, have both Jedi pressure the door open.


You have to go right. First, quit the two orange containers and have both of you action on the buttons underneath. Operation right. Force the valve near the steam jet and your partner will go to the various other side and also Force another valve to hold it open up for you. In the following part, both that you require to pressure the 2 red nodules ~ above the blue thing, then pressure it right into the wall surface to expand a platform. Get on it.

Lava Field

Hop across these platforms. The square platforms will sink if you stand on them too much, for this reason move quickly to the large vertical beam in the back. Wait because that it to autumn down, climate hop end so you with the rocky shore.


It"s clobberin" time. Both you and also Anakin have ten hearts. This is sort of fun in two-player. The best way to destroy Anakin is to just down-stab him over and over again. As soon as he"s drained, you"re done.

Free pat -ItemRequiredDescriptionPassageControl RoomLedgesLava Field
Canister #1In the very first area, prior to hopping every the means to the end, turn camera left in ~ the gap to find this.
Canister #2In the very back center of the 2nd room, amongst a heap of studs.
Canister #3In the 2nd room, smash yellow bricks in the ago left to i found it this.
Canister #4Just south of #3, flip the bar to find this one.
Power Brick (Dark Side)Free PlayOn the left next of the 2nd room, use the Artoo dashboard to open the door come the brick.
Canister #5In the former left that the second room. Flip both levers to punch up the screen, uncovering this one.
Canister #6Right behind you as you go into the third area.
Canister #7Right in your route in the 3rd area as you hop throughout platforms.
Canister #8In the last large lava area, ~ above the right side the the room.
Canister #9In the last large lava area, on the left side of the room.
Canister #10In the last huge lava area, in the very back ideal of the room. The best means to acquire there is to hover from the huge pillar causing the critical rock.
Challenge -Blue CanisterRequiredDescription
#1Right behind friend in the very beginning.
#2In the back of the 2nd room.
#3Behind the yellow dashboard in the back-left corner of the 2nd room.
#4Use the Artoo dashboard in the 2nd room to gain to this.
#5Right close to you in the start of the third area.
#6Behind the folded communication in the 3rd area.
#7In the lava area, on the last long platform.
#8In the lava area, off to the left.
#9In the lava area, off to the right.

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#10In the lava area, in the really back right. Obtain to the gigantic pillar in the earlier and float over through an astromech.