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Unlockables:Enter the password at the cantina.
HHY697Boss Nass
QRN714Captain Tarpals
DDD748Count Dooku
EUK421Darth Maul
AAB123Droid Tri-Fighter
CLZ738Force Grapple Leap
PMN576General Grevious
HUT845Imperial Shuttle
LD116BMinikit detector
EVILR2r2-q5 droid
INT729Tie Interceptor
NBN431Unlock Stormtrooper
GIJ989Unlocks IG88
KLJ897Unlocks Jango Fett
DBH897Unlocks Tiefighter
BDC866Unlocks Vulture Droid
584HJFZam Wesell
UUU875Zam"s Speeder
Achievements:The Phantom Menace (20)Finish episode I in story mode. Strike of the Clones (20)Finish illustration II in story mode. Revenge the the Sith (20)Finish illustration III in story mode A brand-new Hope (20)Finish episode IV in story mode. The empire Strikes ago (20)Finish episode V in story mode. Return the the Jedi (20)Finish Episode by means of in story mode. Collector (60)Unlock every characters. Mystery Master (60)Collect all available red bricks. Going for gold (60)Collect all accessible Gold Bricks. Mini chaos (60)Collect every mini-kits. 100% (100)Complete the video game to 100% Lightsaber understand (20)Perform 20 unblockable combo attacks. Lightsaber Defender (20)Perform 200 perfect lightsaber deflections. Dodger (20)Perform 200 blaster personality dodges. Stormtrooper Slayer (20)Destroy 300 stormtroopers. Droid Slayer (20)Destory 300 droids. Fighter Ace (20)Destroy 50 TIE fighters. Yee Haw (20)Ride every mounts types & ride-ons. Cash In (20)Sell your landspeeder come the Jawas. Crowd Pleaser (20)Break jar Jar 20 times. Slam Dunk (20)Destroy 5 human being with one strike (Jedi super slam). Harmless? (20)Disable 5 Droidikas through R2D2. Fire in the hole! (20)Destroy 10 personalities with one thermal detonator. Permit the Wookiee victory (20)Pull 25 arms off other characters. Disco King (20)Set off all three Discos. Usage the pressure Luke (20)Death Star Trench operation without Firing. Bar Room Brawl (20)Start a Cantina Fight through 50 casualties. LEGO build-master (20)Make 100 Build-its transparent the game. Gopher (20)Max the end the Stud counter Cloud covering (20)Finish Cloud City still wearing a Helmet. Follower of Fashion (20)Wear Every HatUndecided. (10)Crossover: destroy Anakin with Vader Love is… (10)Crossover: destroy Jango Fett through Boba Fett Unfaithful (10)Crossover: damage The Emperor v Darth Maul Did ns Break your Concentration? (10)Revenge: damage The Emperor through Mace Windu nobody Expects….. (10)Revenge: destroy The Emperor through Kit Fisto hand Off! (10)Revenge: ruin Anakin through Dooku Who requirements Obi-Wan? (10)Revenge: ruin Darth Maul through Qui-Gon strike me under (10)Revenge: damage Darth Vader v Obi Wan Arcade grasp (20)Get 100 points in Arcade setting Online Player (20)Play through an entire level digital Shoot first (20)Shoot very first (supplied by: joe98)Unlock Indiana Jones:Go into the "Bonus" doorway in the Cantina, then go v the door significant Trailers and also watch the trailer because that Lego Indiana Jones. You have the right to then purchase him for $50,000. (supplied by: joe98)Glitch:At any type of time in the video game put the gameplay to two player mode and go to a place near a door or passageway to an additional section. With one controler autumn to your fatality from a nearby ledge or platform etc. And also just as you fall off and start to loosened your studs v the various other controler run v the door. As the other player comes earlier into the video game they will certainly have limitless health.Please keep in mind this glitch will only work until the next time you loss to your death.(supplied by: nwstom)Unlimited blue coins:Episode 4, story 2, through the jundland wastes. Rotate on poo money, turn on stud collector, turn on player two, run on yaks and back them as much as the wall.

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Begin pooing and also the money will certainly be stud collected. Time that right and also all blue coins for both football player nonstop.(supplied by: AMC) get the best an option of Lego Star Wars: The complete Saga cheats & Codes because that XBox 360 native Cheat password Central