The engine oil maintenance data should be recollection. Perdevelop the following procedure:

Turn the ignition to run (push START/STOP button once).Display the trip meter “A”, then rotate the “ENGINE START STOP” switch off.While pushing the “ODO/TRIP” button, rotate the “ENGINE START STOP” switch to ON mode.Keep the “ODO/TRIP” button pressed for around 5 seconds.The reestablishing procedure is finish once “000000” in the trip meter flashes when and the message in the multiindevelopment display disappears.Turn the ignition off and then begin the engine to verify the indicator has actually been reset.

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All indevelopment is taken from the Lexus RX 350 owners hand-operated.


Update, thank you Jeff:

Press start button twice without foot on brake to gain to run place.

Press odometer button on dash to reduced left side of steering wheel to obtain to trip odometer”A”.

Press begin button as soon as to gain to “off” position.

Then organize dvery own the odometer button and push begin button twice to get to begin place, proceed to hold odometer button till the rolling lighted dots stop and also the display reflects a collection of 0’s.

Press begin button to rotate off vehicle and you are done.

That it is the full procedure just how to reset oil organization light Lexus RX 350. If you choose to reset any kind of maintenance oil light after an oil adjust. Or reset inspect engine light, airbag light, inspection vital or insp errors once maint reqd, for Lexus cars. Or any type of warning light for company reminder which appears on the screen. Write in the search box the auto name for which you desire to find information, and uncover just how to recollection various other service reminders once by yourself.

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Click hear to watch complete procedure exactly how execute you reset the oil light indicator. How to reset the maintenance light and also exactly how carry out you reset organization light for all Lexus vehicles.