Alexandra Daddario aka Annabeth Chase: All around Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend and also her date list! SPECIAL!


Alexandra Daddario boyfriend: Alexandra Anna Daddario is a very popular American actress who has acted in number of films. Her ideal work contains the portrayal the Annabeth chase in the Greek mythology ft. Modern-day "Percy Jackson", written by rick Riordan and also directed by kris Columbus. She other notable works encompass Blake Gaines in mountain Andreas.

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Alexandra Daddario additionally has made a guest figure in countless television series and film series including, White Collar, It"s constantly sunny in Philadelphia. Alexandra even made she appearance in a Radioactive tune by Imagine Dragons.

Today we"ll be stating the actresses date history, her movies, tv series, and also what not!

Go on and also read to find out more about the actress and Alexandra Daddario boyfriend!

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The actress was involved to Percy Jackson himself! (Logan Lerman)

Alexandra Daddario was engaged to her co-star Logan Lerman from Percy Jackson top top 16th December 2016. Castle both very first met throughout the audition because that the movie. Soon, they obtained into a relationship and the pair made more public appearances ever since. Sadly, they got separated in respectable 2015 after being in a year-long relationship. Together per sources on the internet, the pair obtained separated as result of a busy acting schedule.


Logan Lerman is right now dating Analuisa Corrigan, who is one artist from brand-new York.

Pic Viral: Alexandra Daddario Spotted Kissing her new Boyfriend Openly

Alexandra and also Baywatch co-star Zan Efron


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It is likewise rumored that Alexandra dated her Baywatch castmate Zac Efron, an American actor in 2017.

They were seen together plenty of times in public. Despite no main confirmation is made, both of them were seen in close call with every other, and their Instagram posts and also interviews suggest that they could have been in a relationship.

Zac Efron is additionally have stated to dated Vanessa Hudgen from 2005 to 2010, Lily Collins native 2012 to 2013, and also Sami Miró from 2014 to 2016.

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Daddario and Jason Fuchs! an initial Boyfriend?

Alexandra Daddario"s first boyfriend is Jason Fuchs who is one American actor, screenwriter, much better known because that his occupational in ice cream Age: continental drift. The gibbs has also written Wonder Women. Jason is ideal known for his role as Lawrence Grey in The Passage, a dramatic thriller.

It was rumored that they started dating in 2006 and also eventually damaged up in 2009.

Let"s check out to know an ext about Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend!


Brendan Wallace and Alexandra Daddario! Presently room they dating?

Brendan Wallace is a service person co-founder of fifth Wall, a venture capital firm where he offers strategic methods.

Brendon has authored and co-authored several books including acquiring Darwin Wrong: Why evolution Psychology Won"t Work, safety and security Management: A Qualitative systems Approach, and also Beyond human Error: Taxonomies and also Safety Science.

Brendan Wallace first dated the popular English actress Emma Watson, finest known as Hermione Granger in the renowned Wizard series "Harry Potter" written by J.K.Rowling and also directed by David Yates, chris Columbus, Alfonso Cuaron, and Mike Newell.

It is likewise said the Brendan and also Alexandra go on a couple of trips to Italy whereby they both were checked out dining in Pierluigi’s restaurant, Italy, and likewise took several couple photos together! after ~ this trip, lock were no seen lot together. Despite they haven"t made any kind of public announcement, fans think that they room dating based upon the photos of lock seen with each other in public.


All around Alexandra Daddario: that is she?

For world who don"t know around Alexandra Daddario, here"s what you have to know!

Alexandra Daddario is one American actress that was born on march 16, 1986. She was increased in Newyork. Among her parents is a Lawyer while the other is a former head at the counterterrorism unit in the new York police department.

She began her job at the period of 16. She did several television collection and slowly started to act in movies.

Alexandra started receiving appreciation and also gained call after her function as Annabeth chase in the Percy Jackson movies. She also did the voicing for Superman: guy of tomorrow as Lois Lane. Apart from this, she action in Burying the Ex: A fear comedy film, san Andreas as Blake Gaines.

She walk the main duty in the television series "Why females kill" and also in "The White Lotus" as Rachel (upcoming series). She has also starred in "The girlfriend experience".

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Music Videos:

Alexandra Daddario likewise has showed up in the radiation music video by Imagine Dragons and in "Wait" by Maroon 5.

Alexandra post a video clip about her boyfriend!

The actress publicly announced that she will certainly be revealing about her friend soon. She post a video on Youtube titled, "Alex Daddario has a brand-new Boyfriend | Alexandra Daddario". To the fan"s surprise as well as disappointment, she boyfriend transforms out to it is in a plant!

Recent News:

Alexandra Daddario"s current Instagram post that was posted earlier three days back with a man captioned "It to be dark and also cold and rainy today, a destructive combination, and also it didn’t do it warmer to wrap him up in mine arms however it did do it all seem lovely and nice and joyful." says that she can be in a relationship and also it"s more than likely Brandon Wallace or Andrew type according to the fans! climate what is her guesses? who is Alexandra Daddario boyfriend?

That"s is for now readers! continue to be tuned to recognize more!

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