TLC"s reality present Toddlers and Tiaras became practically an immediate hit when it very first aired in 2008. The delightful and sometimes horrifying present followed number of young girls and their overzealous moms on your journey with the children"s beauty pageant circuit. 

With that heaps that mascara, tons of nylons, and way too plenty of massive wigs, Toddlers & Tiaras was no stranger come controversy. Prefer the time a 4-year-old contestant exhilaration a fake cigarette onstage, or once a 3-year-old girl was dressed up prefer Julia Roberts" personality from Pretty Woman — and also that"s just to surname a couple of (as reported by Business Insider). 

Despite that is drama, people loved Toddlers & Tiaras.

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In fact, follow to Inside Edition, end 2 million human being tuned in to every episode throughout the show"s heyday. Viewers simply couldn"t get sufficient of those tiny beauty queens! your popularity makes us wonder, where room they now? It"s to be a while because the present ended in 2016, for this reason those small girls aren"t toddlers anymore. Here"s what the most memorable Toddlers & Tiaras stars are doing now.

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Eden lumber was a small blonde beauty that won over pageant judges v her green eyes and large smile ~ above Toddlers & Tiaras. possibly her most memorable minute on the present was the time she had actually an absolute meltdown at the people Championship pageant because her hair piece wasn"t quite perfect. She dramatic personality turned so numerous heads the she gained her very own spinoff, Eden"s World, that followed her to NYC as she gone after her acting, singing, and modeling careers. 

Wood did check out definite success in acting together she at some point starred as Darla in 2014"s The tiny Rascals save the Day. However now? She"s seemingly a regular teenager life her ideal life in high school. According to her official website bio, she"s a flyer (the one the gets tossed into the air) on her cheerleading squad, a soprano in the choir, and a drummer in the school"s band. Wood"s also found time to study, too, together her bio likewise brags about her 4.0 GPA and also honor college student status. You go, Eden!

But she"s not entirely out of the spotlight. In 2020, she appeared in Amazon Prime"s truth TV show Next big Thing NYC.

According to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, buy it Elizabeth (SaLiz, because that short) Anderson had actually been completing in pageants due to the fact that she was just 11 months old. The baby beauty queen wasn"t originally on Toddlers & Tiaras, but, as her mommy told the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, "The cameras appeared to it is in wherever she was... Every time they would certainly pan the room in a shot, SaLiz would certainly be there." So, the producers provided into what was currently happening and also put her on the display as a regular. 

Anderson was a herbal in former of the cameras and on stage during pageants, yet despite her great success, her mother felt it was "important for her to it is in a regular kid." That"s most likely why, as of this writing, SaLiz Anderson is quiet in school and rocking she "All AP and Pre-AP classes, plus basketball," together per among her on facebook posts. However her life isn"t completely normal. Anderson is also pursuing a career in music! follow to her YouTube page, she"s a "young hip-hop rapper" that looks for to carry "age appropriate music" that youngsters her period can dance and sing to.

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MaKenzie Myers was a Toddlers & Tiaras superstar — at the very least when it pertained to the drama. The tiny diva was renowned for her tantrums, prefer the time she threw a fit because she didn"t favor her fake eyelashes. As per a People report, Myers was likewise famous for still using her "Ni-Ni," what she lovingly referred to as her pacifier that she should have said goodbye come years prior to it appeared on the show. She was so notorious for she drama-loving methods that she even inspired a Funny or Die lay out starring Ashley Tisdale.

Where walk a infant drama queen walk from there? come a typical life. Or, in ~ least, as close to normal as a former reality star deserve to get. Myers, follow to her Instagram page, is doing some pretty average things for a teenager, native taking several selfies to caring for an lover kitten. Yet some things in she life aren"t normal, like once she walked in a runway display during brand-new York Fashion main with various other Toddlers & Tiaras alums (as per the Daily Mail).

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Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson rotate heads and brought in viewers native the minute she an initial appeared ~ above Toddlers & Tiaras. Thompson was just 6 year old throughout Season 5 when, according to E! News, she ended up being the show"s biggest star. Probably it was her big hair, yet it was most most likely her also bigger personality the made her so famous. The tiny diva was constantly making bold, brash comments and using record phrases favor "redneckonize" and also "a dolla renders me holla." Thompson, her mother, and their crazy antics ended up being so popular that they gained their own TLC spinoff present called Here come Honey Boo Boo.

Where is Thompson now? She"s living through her larger sister. On another Thompson spinoff show, Mama June: From no to Hot, Alana is forced to relocate in v her sister as soon as her mom gets right into serious trouble v the law. However Thompson is loving life with her brand-new roomies! She spends a lot of time v her niece and constantly posts around her on she Instagram page with loving captions like, "The love I have actually for my niece is for this reason pure."

In 2021, Thompson showed up on we tv"s Mama June: roadway to Redemption.

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Alycesaundra and also Giavanna Lyerly lived up to their over-the-top names with their over-the-top antics on Toddlers & Tiaras. better known in the series as "The Tiara Twins," the sisters were frequently fighting v their mother for the camera"s attention as Kelly Lyerly to be perhaps among the craziest pageant moms ~ above the present — and that"s speak something. How did she claim her ar as Queen of the Crazies? She purchase it through "probably close to a million dollars." Lyerly did an interview through HuffPost in which she revealed that she spent that grand sum on a "tour bus, race-car trailer, Carl the bodyguard, and also 13,000 square-foot practice building with a stage." 

Her investment appears to have actually paid off, though, as The Tiara Twins are both seeing success in the fashion world. Alycesaundra started designing clothes when she was around 10 years old (via she Instagram), and she proved a repertoire at new York Fashion main in 2020 (via her Facebook). Giavanna is functioning the various other side of the runway together a model, most recently modeling her own sister"s repertoire (via Facebook).

Isabella Barrett wasn"t the greatest star ~ above Toddlers & Tiaras, but she conveniently turned her 15 minutes of fame into some major cash. According to the Daily Mail, the miniature pageant queen ended up being a millionaire at just 6 year old many thanks to her jewelry and makeup currently — and Barrett didn"t stop there! She go on to it is in a stakeholder and designer in two of her very own companies: bound By the Crown Couture and Glitzy Girl.

Where go a girl walk from that kind of success? earlier to TV. In 2020, Barrett starred in the Amazon reality series Next huge Thing NYC, alongside fellow pageant child Eden Wood. The show follows a team of eight teenagers that room already major players in their liked fields yet want to do an also bigger note on the world. Oh, and if running a business and also appearing ~ above a TV display wasn"t enough, Barrett is additionally releasing a book titled Teens guide to Business and starting a brand-new haircare line dubbed House that Barretti, as per an interview she did v Authority Magazine.

As she as soon as said herself, Taralyn Eschberger"s red hair " the stage on fire!" The little Texan diva was all laugher and silly deals with as she won crowns and also hearts top top Toddlers & Tiaras. Eschberger to be awarded the location of Ultimate cool Supreme numerous times throughout she tenure top top the present — but where is the redheaded toddler now? Well, to start, she"s not a toddler anymore. According to she Facebook, Eschberger is old enough to be driving. In fact, together per one more Facebook post, she was offered a auto for her sweet 16. Lucky girl! 

Eschberger is likewise amazingly active. As declared in she Instagram bio, she "loves pageants, volleyball, cheer, guitar, piano & singing. Pretty much anything she can shot she will!" and that"s no all, as Eschberger"s social media is chock full of photos showing her doing all kinds that activities. She go water skiing with friends, soaked up some tunes at The house of Blues, and also even placed an initial in the 100 meter dash at a monitor meet. Her red locks are still lighting the civilization on fire.

Ava Bartello is probably most famed for her extremely dramatic meltdown on Toddlers & Tiaras. The step in i m sorry she cries, scowls, and refuses to laugh in group photos is maybe one of the many memorable tantrums top top the tantrum-filled show. Why to be Bartello for this reason upset? The baby beauty queen was only crowned "Grand Supreme" and not "Ultra grand Supreme." bad thing.

Well, the an excellent news is that Bartello is just as dramatic now as she was earlier then. She"s amazingly energetic on she Instagram page, posting take self after selfie after take self — each one an ext filtered than the last. Bartello, like numerous young stars this days, is likewise a YouTuber. According to her YouTube bio, she articles "fashion, lifestyle, and also beauty videos," choose the one whereby she goes through her brand brand-new school supplies, or the one where she demonstrates exactly how she straightens her long brown hair. As her Instagram bio says, Bartello is "always a pageant girl, yet now a queen."

What was more memorable: Julia Roberts dressed as a sex worker in Pretty Woman, or 3-year-old Paisley Scott Dickey dressed together Julia Roberts as a sex worker in Toddlers & Tiaras? In the well known episode, together reported on through Fox News, negative Paisley strutted around the stage in the iconic outfit indigenous the movie, complete with a yellow wig. But her mom, Wendy Lee Dickey, wasn"t sorry because that a moment. "Paisley has contended in end 60 pageants, however it was absolutely the "Pretty Women" costume that placed Paisley"s name the end there," Mrs. Dickey claims in one episode of the show. 

As controversial together her time ~ above Toddlers & Tiaras was, Paisley is doing yes, really well! follow to her IMDb page, she"s winner a couple of small duties on miscellaneous TV shows and also movies like Red band Society, Beacon Point, and also Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. Paisley has also been finding out to sing and also play the guitar. The kid has also found time to take plenty of selfies and occupational on her puzzle skills.

Destiny Christian to be at the heart of yet another Toddlers & Tiaras controversy: she was 4 years old when her pageant mom, Lisa Christian, dressed she up together the personality Sandy indigenous Grease. Sound cute, right? it was, other than for the fake cigarette and also Lisa instructing she toddler by saying, "Don"t forget to smoke!" people were no pleased. But Mrs. Christian wasn"t fazed, even going for this reason far regarding defend she actions on Nancy Grace (as reported on through Today), saying, "It was simply a prop — nothing more, nothing less."

Luckily, Destiny seems to be doing well and has no yet arisen a real smoking habit. The middle schooler"s Facebook profile states that she "loves come model, sing, and also dance. She"s happiest once she is top top a phase performing!" aside from a couple of small exhilaration jobs detailed on she IMDb page, Destiny is just a normal son living a typical life. She attended her very first Snowball Dance, took an initial place with her competition run team, and also even performed in ~ a neighborhood haunted house.

Beauty is pain, right? That"s totally cool — other than maybe as soon as the human in pain is an 8-year-old girl. Alaska Mathews had actually her own infamous moment top top Toddlers & Tiaras when her mother, Lori Mathews, dyed her eyebrows and also painfully obtained some the the dye in her eye. Lori later showed up on Dr. Phil to safeguard herself and also her actions, claiming, "It"s perfectly for sure if you get in her eye... That stings simply like, maybe, shampoo would." Mrs. Mathews likewise came under fire because that whitening Alaska"s teeth, yet claimed that she "immediately stopped" once she "realized this was negative for infant teeth." 

Eyebrow dying aside, Alaska is kicking butt and taking names. Follow to her facebook bio, she"s an "internationally celebrated pageant pro, recording artist, model and also actress." However, her other write-ups seem to indicate that she"s relocated on native the performing to occupational in healthcare. Mathews make one on facebook post in December that 2020 that mentions she "Allied health and wellness class," and her mother posted image of Alaska pull in scrubs through the hashtags "#nursing" and "#thanksHealthCareHeroes." thank you, indeed, Alaska.

Kylie LaDuca could have had the biggest personality on Toddlers & Tiaras – and that"s speak something. The small firecracker presented herself top top the show as "a small monster," and her mother explained her as, "five, fearless and ferocious," together LaDuca held a crown that was just as tall together she was. If LaDuca to be a effective pageant girl (winning numerous "Ultimates"), she was mainly focused on she budding modeling job in which she"d already earned around $30,000 (as per her mom). "The money is my favourite part," LaDuca claimed in a present interview. "I love money." 

LaDuca clearly still loves money together she"s at this time hustling hard. The "junior entrepreneur," as she"s explained in her official website bio, has showed up on numerous TV shows and also runs a website. selling merch (designed and also modeled by LaDuca herself) and also hosts a blog in i m sorry she offers life updates and beauty tips.

Not everyone have the right to be a winner, and not every small girl have the right to be crowned "Grand Supreme." Alexis Todd learned those class the hard way on Toddlers & Tiaras when, in one of the show"s season finales, she shed the grand prize come Eden Wood and also was rather crowned "Mini Supreme" (via the Daily Mail). Todd was really disappointed, and for an excellent reason: prior to the competition, she was subjected to both a spray tan and a chiropractic adjustment. "I"ll go as much as I have to for Alexis to win," her mother said. "She is most likely the only contestant that has pertained to the chiropractor for an adjustment and also I think that will give her an edge over all the others."

Perhaps every her adjustments paved the method for she future success in cheerleading and gymnastics. According to her facebook bio, Todd loves "to win big crowns," and also she adores she "Competitive Cheer squad." she Twitter feed is full of picture of she in complete pageant regalia and performing through her cheer squad as well as videos that her tremendous tumbling skills.

Lacey-Mae Mason make headlines as the an initial child through dwarfism to show up on Toddlers & Tiaras.

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together per the Daily Mail, Mason to be born through achondroplasia, a problem that impacted her height. She was only as tall as a toddler when she showed up on the display even though she to be 8 years old. "I want her to carry out one pageant for this reason she would have that one joining trophy on her shelf to be able to say later, for she self-esteem, that "I remained in a beauty pageant,"" Lacey-Mae"s mommy said in one interview with Hudson wicked Local

The tiny diva exceeded everyone"s expectations once her huge smile, energy, and creative Bollywood costume the won her the overall Best Outfit of an option award — and she"s still surprising civilization today. As of this writing, Mason is an anti-bullying and dwarfism awareness activist. She operation "Peace by Piece" Dwarfism Awareness and also Anti-Bullying Facebook web page where she articles educational content, inspirational messages, and also a few photos of she cat.