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Happy new Year’s eve and brand-new Year’s Day! Is mail yielded on brand-new Year’s night 2020 or new Year’s day 2021? have the right to you visit the post office on either of this days to mail something at the last minute? The prize is yes and no. Short article offices and mail shipment services are accessible on new Year’s Eve, but everything is closeup of the door on new Year’s Day.

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Mail Is delivered on brand-new Year’s eve 2020

According come USPS, article offices nationwide are open up on new Year’s Eve, Thursday, December 31, 2020. Blue arsenal boxes will additionally still be serviced on brand-new Year’s Eve and also regular mail will certainly still be ceded as common on new Year’s Eve.

Mail Isn’t ceded on new Year’s job 2020

Unfortunately, mail is not yielded on new Year’s Day and also the article offices are closed top top January 1, 2021, since it’s a postal holiday. Mail won’t be choose up indigenous blue repertoire boxes on new Year’s work either.

There’s one exception, however. Priority letter Express mail will certainly still be ceded on brand-new Year’s Day, also though nothing rather is being delivered. Priority letter Express orders is overnight come two-day distribution with a money-back guarantee,USPS explained. This is available to most U.S. Addresses and PO boxes. You can put in Priority letter Express orders at the article office or native a house or business using Click-N-Ship. The service likewise includes USPS tracking and also up to $100 insurance. The maximum weight is 70 pounds.

It’s also important to note that article offices room closed on new Year’s job except because that lobbies and self-service kiosks, since these don’t need employees come be existing to be open. Therefore if you should use a self-service kiosk or inspect your PO box in the lobby, you have the right to still perform this in most areas as long as you don’t require an employee’s help.

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According come USPS’s holiday schedule, the postal service is closeup of the door on brand-new Year’s Day, martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday, Washington’s birthday (observed), Memorial Day, self-reliance Day, labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. (For 2021, postal offices will be closed ~ above Monday, July 5, due to the fact that July 4 falls on a Sunday this year. And also because Christmas work 2021 falls on a Saturday, some short article offices might be close up door on Christmas Eve even if they usually would it is in open.)

Mail might Be Delayed best Now

It’s still feasible that part mail deliveries might be delayed over brand-new Year’s, favor it was over Christmas. The U.S. Postal Service’s website notes the it is enduring delays due to “unprecedented volume boosts and minimal employee availability due come the effects of COVID-19. We evaluate your patience and also remain committed to transporting the holidays come you.”

Shortly before new Year’s, mail delays to be still one issue. Fox 8 reported the if you mailed something Express and it to be delayed, you can file a case at the USPS website. This uses to Priority mail Express items, Registered mail items v insurance, cod items, and insured mail services. But getting response on the phone would certainly be difficult, therefore it’s far better to just document a case online.