Bo staff (weapon) is wooden staff approximately 6 to 9 feet in length. Offered in various martial arts forms, this weapon has actually the capability to strike, defend and vice versa. Together different species of sticks and also staffs are used in most fighting styles, due to this, many people get confused amongst bo staff and every other martial arts staffs used for fighting.

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What you must understand is this the the bo employee is initially an Okinawan weapon, provided in numerous Japanese martial arts forms. If you want to buy a foam bo staff for practicing through your sparring partner then visit Knife Import and get martial arts and self defense weapons on all rates.

As us know, a item of any hard material have the right to act as a weapon. Yet to make it a staff weapon, it should have a particular length, shape and thickness. So, to to compare every weapon v the bow staff, we will certainly be spring at distinctions in this three areas and much more (if possible).


Bo Staff

Bo vs Jo Staff

It’s an extremely common to confused a Bo v the jo staff due to the fact that they are completely similar once it comes to shape and also thickness, or hardness, but the Jo is apparently only 4 feet long. While many bo staffs are around 6 feet in length.

Both these martial arts weapons are used in every sorts that fighting formats such together Kung Fu, Karate, Aikido, Ninjutsu and, the art of fighting through the Bo well-known as, Bujutsu.

In the hands of a master, this 6 feet lengthy weapon can come to be deadly and extremely difficult to safeguard yourself against. Why is that? because the interval between the defending and also striking that the staff is so small that most world can’t view what’s coming.

Rattan Bo Staff

This can come together a surprised to many yet a rattan staff is just an additional Bo, made out of bamboo. Offered the product from which it is fashioned, a rattan bamboo staff is known for its flexibility, smoothness and also resistance come splinters.

A normal bo employee is do from tough pieces the wood, largely from red or white oak. Some human being have been uncovered to practice with heavier products one the such example is steel. Practicing v steel bo staff, or this weapon made the end of any metal, will help you obtain stronger because just waving around a hefty stick deserve to qualify as a great work out. Also, practicing bo employee fighting with a heavy weapon will certainly make it much easier for you to wield the normal staff throughout competitions and/or yes, really fights.

Many fighters have actually made it your mission to find brand-new materials that are streamline and also heavy enough to exercise with; for this reason they can end up being stronger without changing much of your regimes — simply the weight of their weapon.

Quarter staff vs Bo

The quarter employee have an extremely different functions when to compare to a Bo, yet let’s discuss it anyway since it’s a employee as well. The surname for the quarter staff comes from the method a wood is cut in quarters to do the 6 to 8 feet lengthy staff, whereby one or both ends of the staff can be mounted with a metal. However, only one side deserve to have a spicy edged blade as the other (blunt) finish is where the wielder hold the staff from. Holding it from one end, provides the wielder of the quarter staff a long range for blocking and also making attacks, especially versus someone holding a sword.

We room guessing that’s sufficient comparison in between different martial arts staffs and now we should talk about how effective can these weapons be against the likes that swords and guns. So, as you may have currently known, a martial arts staff have the right to only aid you defend versus other rod and tiny knives.

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But once it pertains to long swords and other progressed weaponry, the Bo or any type of other martial arts staff will certainly be of no genuine use come you, assuming you space not a cool master and all.