Covid-19 has actually led the people to go with a phenomenal shift .

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E-learning is the future today.Stay residence , remain Safe and keep learning!!!

This page is Math dictionary j.JJack : It is among the card, native a pack of 52 cards. There space 4 jacks in playing cards. Jack of heart(♥), jack the spade (♠), jack of club(♣) and jack that diamond(♦). It is offered in probability.January : First month the a year.Join : 2 points join to type a line segment.Joint sports : it is offered in direct and also inverse variation.For instance : If a ∝ b and also a ∝ 1/c climate a ∝ b/c. Below a is straight proportion come b and inversely proportion come c therefore a is in share variation with b and also c.Jump strategy : Jumping by parts of a number to deal with a calculation.It is supplied in number line.Example : addition of 4 + 5 ~ above the number line.Solution : action : note 4 ~ above the number lineJump 5 units to best side from 4Justify: show to it is in right.July: among the month through 31 days.June : among the month with 30 days.This page is about Math thesaurus k.KKilo- : A prefix an interpretation one thousand.Kilogram : A Metric measure of mass.The abbreviation is kg.1 kg = 1,000 grams1 kg = 2.205 pounds (approximately)Kilolitre / Kiloliter : A Metric measure of volume. Same to 1,000 liters.The abbreviation is kl.Kilometre | kilometer : A Metric measure of distance. Same to 1,000 meters.The abbreviation is km.Kite : It has actually two pairs of sides.Each pair is made up of adjacent sides (the sides meet) that space equal in length.The angles are equal wherein the bag meet.Diagonals (dashed lines) fulfill at a ideal angle, and one that the diagonal bisects (cuts same in half) the : one abbreviation of \"kilometers per hour\". A metric measure up of speed.Math dictionary jFrom math thesaurus j and also k to math dictionaryHome

Covid-19 has impacted physical interactions in between people.

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Don\"t permit it influence your learning.

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