Ward's Auto had a most praise for the motor, putting it ~ above their list of "10 best Engines" number of years in a row. Right here is what they claimed in 1998:

Mazda designers doubtless got plenty that overtime in occurring the Miller. What the driver gets is a stoming 91 hp/L and all the midrange speak one would intend from at least a largish V-6 - however the Miller-cycle engine is just 2.3L, a displacement much more common because that 4-cyl. Engines... We only wish the Mazda, or ever-more-involved corporate parental Ford, would find much more ways to use this innovative and also refined engine. The Millenia is a wonderful car, yet we can't assist thinking that brand-new Cougar might be a many fun through the Miller-cycle underhood.

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That, unfortunately, was not to be. The Millenia was eliminated off in 2003 and also it was not replaced, and that clever Miller bicycle V6 never ever saw duty in any other car. Therefore why didn't the Miller bicycle V6 see more action? motive Mag once lugged up some an excellent reasons: it's complex, expensive, and also doesn't really include that much power to the car. It's an interesting setup, but it's not all that worth it.

Mazda did placed a Miller bike engine to usage again in the present Mazda2, which provides a 1.3-liter Miller cycle engine in non-U.S. Markets, but this one is normally aspirated.

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Mazda walk Miller Cycle v Demio because that JapanWatch out, diesel. Mazda says it's emerged a Miller-cycle engine for the new Demio (Mazda2) in…

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What do you think? would you like to see the miller cycle put to use on more cars? execute you have any kind of experiences v the Millenia?

Help me out, Jalops. I'd favor to do Forgotten dare a continuous thing, however I need suggestions. I'm looking for stuff that's really obscure and that even the most seasoned auto experts know tiny about. Give us some concepts in the comments!

and also lets not forget about the 1990-95 Eunos Cosmo when discussing Mazda (Eunos gift Mazda's Japan-only luxury brand during the late 80s and 90s). It's ugly and also square, however under the hood hides either the RX-7s 1.3l pair turbo twin-rotor 13B rotary or the big block that Rotaries; the 2.0l pair turbo triple-rotor 20B. Much less than 10,000 make (if ns recall correctly) through a ratio of around 60/40 13Bs and also 20Bs. The 20B had actually 300 horsepower and also could perform 0-100 km/h in 6.2 seconds, but was limited to 180 km/h by restrictors. As soon as those were removed it would certainly go 250+.

Of course, it just came through a 4-speed slush-box, however who'd desire one for anything various other than come swap the engine into an RX-7 FD?

EDIT: Admittedly though, this thing was shock-full of luxurious modern technology even by today's standards. It had actually goddamn GPS and also touch screens 1990!