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Multiple an option Questions Sedimentary Rocks - chapter 6

Each thing will incorporate a few questions design to test your knowledge of material covered in the chapter and in the Internet-based resources. Her answers room not being recorded. Shot the following. Shale refers to a rock formed from:sand sized materialplant remainsclay mineralscarbonateWhich among the complying with is a biochemical sedimentary rock?sand sized materialcoalshaleconglomerateA clastic rock is:a rock formed from the cementation the transported grainsa rock formed from evaporation that sea watertransformed by heat into limestonetransformed through pressure right into limestoneWhich one of the following features is NOT connected with sedimentary rocks?beddingfoliationfossilsall may be connected with sedimentary rocksWhich that the following varieties of sediments are many abundant?coarse clasticsfine clasticschemicalbiochemicalThe propensity for sports in existing velocity come segregate sediments ~ above the basis of fragment size is referred to as _____. LilthificationcompactionmetamorphismsortingWhich the the following types of currents have the right to transport sand grains?riverswindocean wavesall of theseIn which of the adhering to sedimentary atmospheres would you intend the sand deposits to be poorly sorted?alluvialbeachdesertglacialWhich the the following atmospheres is an example of a shoreline/transitional environment?alluvialcontinental shelfdeltaicorganic reefMost shells of marine organisms room composed of ________ .silicacalcium carbonatecalcium phosphatecalcium sulfateCoarse clastic material deserve to be transported right into a deep marine atmosphere by ______ . Riverswindturbidity currentsall of theseMarine sediments deposit in water depths better than around 12,000 feet usually lack ________ . Lead carbonate shellssilica-rich shellsfine grained material transported by the windall the theseIn which of the following environments would you mean to uncover oscillation ripples?alluvialbeachdeep-seadesertWhich of the complying with processes is not an essential cause of subsidence throughout the development of a sedimentary basin?cooling and also contraction the the crustdeposition of sedimentserosion of sedimentstectonic down faultingWhich of the following lists is written in bespeak of decreasing particle size?sandstone, siltstone, conglomeratesandstone, conglomerate, siltstoneconglomerate, sandstone, siltstonesiltstone, sandstone, conglomerateWhat is the difference between a breccia and a conglomerate?breccias room coarse grained and also conglomerates are fine grainedconglomerates space coarse grained and also breccias room fine grainedbreccias have rounded fragments and also conglomerates have angular fragmentsbreccias have actually angular fragments and conglomerates have actually rounded fragmentsA feldspar-rich sandstone is referred to as a(n) ________ . Arkoselitharenitequartz areniteshaleA sandstone with abundant rock fragments and also clay mineral is a(n) ______ . Arkoselitharenitequartz areniteshaleWhich that the adhering to rocks is deposited only by non-biological, chemistry precipitation ?halitelimestonechert arenitecoalThe most usual lithification process for good clastics is _______ .

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CementationcompactionWhich the the complying with lists is composed in the bespeak of boosting temperature ?sedimentation, metamorphism, diagenesisdiagenesis, sedimentation, metamorphismsedimentation, diagenesis, metamorphismmetamorphism, diagenesis, sedimentationWhich the the complying with processes does no occur throughout diagenesis?compactioncementationlithificationmetamorphismThe term "aeolian" refers to transport and deposition by:the windstreamsocean wavespocket gophersWith time, sediment transported through glaciers ___________.becomes roundedbecomes smallerbecomes rounded and also smallernone of theseWIth time, sediment transported by a fluvial system ___________.becomes roundedbecomes smallerbecomes rounded and smallernone that these
Which the the sand grains above has been transported the furthest?1234Coal is formed from ______.natural gasoillimestonepreserved tree materialIn i m sorry of the following sedimentary settings would you the very least expect to discover gravel?active margin beachalluvial fansglacialdeep marineWhich the the adhering to sedimentary environments is characterized by sand, gravel and also mud?active margin beachalluvial fansglacialdeep marineWhich of the following sedimentary settings is dominated by waves and tidal currents?glacialalluvial fansdeltaicdeep marineSiliceous environments, named for the silica-rich shells deposit in them, take place ________. In one evaporite environmentin a swamp environmentin a reef environmentin a deep-sea environment
In the cross section of a sand dune provided above, the wind to be blowing?-------->cannot determine direction from details given.In the cross ar of a sand dune offered above, the diagonal layers room called_____.cross bedsgraded bedspoint barsripple marks.What is the many abundant biochemical precipitate in the oceans?halitelimestonechertcoalRipples occur:on sand in ~ the tide at beacheson underwater sandbars in streamson the surface of windswept dunesall of these have the right to have ripplesIn i beg your pardon of the following settings would you suppose to discover symmetrical ripples?alluvialbeachdeep-seadesertWhat is the approximate temperature that a sediment that is hidden to a depth that 3 km?0 levels C100 levels C300 degrees C1000 degrees CWhich of the adhering to processes occurs during lithification?recrystallizationcompactioncementationall may occurWhich that the following is an instance of a physical, as opposed come a chemical, diagenetic process?recrystallizationcompactioncementationall room physical in natureWhat is the porosity of freshly deposited mud?less 보다 5%between 5% and 25%between 25% and also 50%> 50%Which of the complying with groups represent the most abundant sedimentary rocks?limestones and also dolomitessandstones and conglomeratescherts and also evaporitesmudstones and shales
What form of sandstone is shown in the illustration above?quartz arenitelitharenitearkosethis is a granite!!Which that the adhering to sandstone types is most most likely to kind by the mechanical weathering that a granite?quartz arenitelitharenitearkoseshaleWhich the the adhering to sandstone varieties is most likely to type by the mechanical and intense chemistry weathering of a granite?quartz arenitelitharenitearkoseshaleTry this fill-in-the blanks
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