Treasure in the imperial Tower Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough because that the junior level of the PC and also Nintendo Wii video game Nancy Drew: endowment in the imperial Tower by her Interactive. WARNING: consists of SPOILERS.

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Meeting characters and doing chores for Dexter

The game starts with Nancy creating a letter, saying she is continuing to be in an old castle while top top a ski holidays in Wisconsin, yet is not able to walk outside due to the fact that of a snowstorm. You start in Nancy's room with this letter in her inventory. Another secret begins because that Nancy Drew. The radiator is also making a bubbling noise. Prior to you go the end of the room, look in ~ the magazine on the round table; it contains information on fingerprinting which you need to understand later. Choose up Nancy's room card an essential from the desk and the food selection from the dresser draw.

Go downstairs and also you will satisfy Dexter Egan, the caretaker. Ask him to resolve your radiator, climate ask for a stamp and he'll take your letter. He'll tell friend the library has been vandalized, friend can't walk in it and also Professor Hotchkiss, (another guest) claims her room has actually been robbed. Asking if you deserve to help, the will provide you an errand come do: bring Professor Hotchkiss' ski boots from the basement.

On the way there, you accomplish Lisa Ostrum in the lobby. Once you go into the ski rental area, you meet Jacques Brunais, the ski instructor. Speak to him and also he will give you the ski boots. Take them come room 214 and also leave castle by the door. Speak to Dexter again, he will ask you to examine the circuit breaker now. You have the right to turn ~ above the light he stated as well.


You put the significant switches come the appropriate as shown.

Go back to Dexter and also he will offer you more chores come do. Ask Professor Hotchkiss what she wants for dinner. Unfortunately, she doesn't bespeak something turn off the menu, so once you go ago to Dexter to tell the the answer, you have to take her a menu and also ask her to stimulate something off it. She assignment fifty chicken drumsticks??? (I have no idea either!). Fortunately, friend don't have to ask she again. Instead, you need to ask Jacques to get the chicken drumsticks out of the freezer. ~ you have actually done all the chores because that him; Dexter will have fixed your radiator and also you deserve to pick increase the oilcan that's there now.

Stuck Elevator and Exploring

When you walk in the elevator and it it s okay stuck, you need to climb out the top, that's when you an alert an open up vent above. For now, girlfriend just have to obtain out the the elevator pillar through the door.

Talk come Professor Hotchkiss, she will certainly ask girlfriend a question, if girlfriend answer it correctly you will have the ability to talk to her confront to challenge in the lobby in between 3am and also 6am. The easiest means to do this is to speak "What was I searching for again?" until she asks you:

"What is the model number ~ above the elevator?"

The answer deserve to be found on the within of the elevator, over the switches. 

The Library

 Take the elevator come the basement floor, climb the end of the top and also up the ladder to the open vent. Girlfriend are now in the library. When you climb the end of the vent, don't go far as Dexter come in. Climb earlier into the vent prior to he gets right into the room. Over there is a quick cutscene whereby Dexter transforms off the alarm, and also looks for something, climate goes out of the room.

Now girlfriend can check out the library. There are a few books to look at. In the atlas it speak you Wisconsin is 45o North and 90o West. Turn the guideline on the globe to 90 and it will open, revealing this item of paper.

This is the answer come the puzzle over the mantelpiece.

A an enig room opens. Light the candle therefore you have the right to see. Over there is a key on peak of it together well. Right here we some things around Dexter native the books and also the poem. He was the original owners adopted son for a while. The poem consists of clues about where to a keepsake left because that Dexter.

While in the library, you can learn the code of the security alarm, which will certainly be needed a small later. This is wherein you use the details from the newspaper in Nancy's room. You need to acquire a paintbrush the is where Jacques commonly is, when he's not there. You gain dust native the desk in the library ~ above the paintbrush; then dust it over the tricks on the defense alarm. The an initial number is the crucial with the darkest print, then the following darkest etc.


The route to the imperial tower

When the elevator is at the basement floor, you could have i found it a hatch in the floor that the shaft. If you shot the bar "it's stuck" (something Nancy appears to prefer saying). You deserve to fix this by utilizing the oilcan, however when you go under the hatch, the elevator is in the way. So, what you need to do is acquire the library door key from Dexter's workdesk when he's not there due to the fact that "it's locked" (something else Nancy likes saying). Call the elevator to another floor, climate go v the library door and enter the code into the alarm. Go v the vent, down the elevator shaft, and down the hatch. You involved a door with number of bolts on. You need to guess the right order to open up the bolts in. Over there is no set answer come this puzzle, so friend just need to guess as soon as you concerned it.

Go down the tunnel, and you find...


Trying come break right into the royal tower. That is trying come saw through the gate. He says he wants to uncover a newspaper that was hidden in the tower v a medallion and also return it come France. That was found by his great grandfather who kept the medallion and also put the newspaper back. He asks you to gain the medallion indigenous his locker, and also you agree, as long as he tells someone around what he was doing. If girlfriend go approximately the door now, Nancy has actually reason to say it's locked again. Get the tip of the knight's staff before you go back up come the basement.

Look at the papers in Jacques locker prior to you acquire the medallion due to the fact that as soon as girlfriend touch it, Nancy gets knocked out. The medallion is gone after that and Jacques isn't an extremely pleased you lost it.

Exploring outside

Talk come Dexter. Tell him wherein you have been and he will tell girlfriend the an essential to the black gate is in the melted outside. Friend can also ask him around the an enig place discussed in the city in the library. The snow storm should have stopped now, therefore go the end the door in the basement, obtain the an essential from the shed, then walk to the left that the burned to the hidden entrance that the secret garden. Revolve the one in the gate to open up it. Turn the arrowhead to face the the opposite direction and also the frostbite head will have actually turned for this reason you deserve to see a lever on the ago of it. Pull the bar to expose a mystery compartment through a box in it. "It's locked" so usage the black an essential from the shed to open up it. It consists of a medallion with a red gem in the middle. Perform all this quickly as Nancy it s okay cold outside.

Talking come Professor Hotchkiss

Now it's time for much more randomness talk to Professor Hotchkiss. Collection the alarm because that 3am and also go come the lobby. She will give you her spare passkey for this reason you have the right to look in she room. You can read few of her study on Marie Antoinette, though ns don't recognize what sort of study she is doing. It says "Born Nov. 2nd - a Scorpio, prefer me!" and "I wonder if she adored chicken drumsticks?"


Look at the letter in the suitcase, it states Professor Hotchkiss has actually been offered a medallion. Behind the cushion on the chair, there is a medallion that looks specifically like Jacques. (Also, it seems Professor Hotchkiss didn't actually obtain 50 chicken drumsticks!). Look in ~ the footage on the video clip camera. Friend will must charge the battery and also come ago the following 2 nights though, it operation out before you have seen the totality video.

You can have a look through the peep feet Professor Hotchkiss was "having a peep" at, but if girlfriend look v the medallions, you have the right to see a couple of things you couldn't before.

Window seen v blue medallion



 When Lisa claims she's checked out a medallion in the shed, you deserve to go and get a green medallion there, yet find you're locked out! Go back to the shed and activate the ski lift. Dexter will certainly come in and also take you back inside the castle.

Window seen through green medallion

The imperial tower

Go to the black door on the path to the queen's tower and also use the black key to open up it. For the following puzzle, you need to acquire the chains in a pyramid shape.

Then you pertained to this puzzle.

Repeat what is presented in the picture above because that the various other tokens. Climate follow the direction in the snapshot below.

At the height of the stairs, over there is a button that takes part stairs away. Then you can lastly get into the royal tower, there is a picture that looks choose a confront on the floor and also a photo puzzle top top the wall. It must look choose this as soon as finished.

Inside a mystery compartment is Marie Antoinette's journal. You need someone that understands French to interpret it because that you though, and there simply happens come be who who can do the in the castle: Professor Hotchkiss. Present her the journal and ask she to analyze it as soon as she is in the lobby. When she has, look in ~ the document and decoder in she room. Look increase the signs you experienced on the home window through the peephole v the medallions. It states "purple increased holds diamond an essential of queen!"

Now where is over there a violet rose? Here, in the photo of Marie Antoinette. Use the guideline of the knight's spear to remove the tiles. Behind lock is the key that goes in the center of the face. Put the medallions in 'the eyes', then put the square an essential in the middle to find out who the culprit is. The diamond appears from the floor and also the rogue comes in. It's Lisa! She sprays you through pepper spray and runs down the stairs through the diamond. Push the button at the height of the stairway to catch her and also enjoy the ending.

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