Despite society media posts that have been common thousands that times, Panthers quarterback camer Newton has not been fined because that handing footballs to youngsters following touchdowns.

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It"s other the 2010 Heisman Trophy winner has actually been doing because his rookie season, and also he"s never been fined for it, nor will he walk forward. 

To avoid fans fighting end a football, the NFL does fine players $5,787, and also $11,576 for a 2nd offense, for throwing a football right into the stands, yet handing the sphere to one is perfect acceptable. Contrary to the social media posts, Newton is also not gift charged for the price of every football he offers away.

A Dec. 13 tweet v over 19,000 retweets and a Facebook short article with an ext than 156,000 shares claim Newton has actually been fined $253,552 for providing footballs come kids. The the same Twitter and Facebook posts, which include a year-old quote native Newton, are fully false. The NFL debunked those short articles Monday in an e-mail to Omnisport.

Every time video camer Newton provides a boy in the stands a ball he is fined $5,512. To day he had actually a full of $253,552.00.

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Newton"s acts of quality have gained much more attention this year, as Newton is the favorite to be the NFL MVP. 

But even if NFL officials shot to stop him from giving a football come a child, Newton will still uncover a way and continue to do so as long as he keeps recognize the finish zone — free of charge.



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