Mr. Meaty: Looking back at Nickelodeon's Weirdest Show, ever before The cult standard puppet display Mr. Meaty is quite perhaps the many daring (and most mind-bendingly bizarre) thing ever aired by Nickelodeon.

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Nickelodeon, one of the premier networks in children"s programming, certainly hasn"t been shy around delving right into the bizarre native time to time. Take, because that example, the surreal feeling of The Ren & Stimpy Show, or the macabre antics the Invader Zim. Also SpongeBob SquarePants -- Nickelodeon"s many popular, mainstream-friendly cartoon -- has been recognized to sneak in some creepy or otherwise offbeat stuff every now and also again. However, may be no display the network has ever before aired is as strange together Mr. Meaty.

Despite being among Nickelodeon"s much more esoteric properties, Mr. Meaty has actually an enduring heritage thanks come the internet. Some prayer the show for how much it propelled the envelope in regards to its humor. Meanwhile, rather (in a mostly jovial manner, mental you) explain how its gun visuals and surreal cases "traumatized" them as soon as they to be younger, citing it as the factor they "have issues."

for those not acquainted with it, Mr. Meaty to be a puppet sitcom created by the duo of Jamie Shannon and Jason Hopley (who additionally created Nanalan", another puppet show that has acquired recognition for its weirdness). The series revolved approximately Josh Redgrove and Parker Dinkleman (voiced through Shannon and also Hopley, respectively), two teenage friends functioning at Mr. Meaty, a fast-food restaurant located in the fictional Scaunchboro Mall.

Over the food of the show"s run, viewers were additionally introduced to such characters as Doug, a security guard that is canonically destined to come to be president; Lizzy, an extraterrestrial disguised as a teenage girl; Edward R. Carney, the previously cryogenically frozen founder of Mr. Meaty; and also Mr. Wink, Josh and Parker"s manager that is voiced through the legendary trojan Baker.

Mr. Meaty started life together a series of three-minute shorts, i m sorry aired top top Nickelodeon between other shows from 2002 come 2005. May be the most infamous of this shorts was "Crispy Hand." In this short, josh attempts to impress a goth girl (voiced by Nanalan" alum Ali Eisner) by inviting she on a tour of Mr. Meaty"s kitchen. Points go awry when she slips top top a pond of grease and her hand drops in the deep fryer, i m sorry burns it come a crisp. Josh says not to worry, assuring she this kind of thing happens every the time. In order come prove his friend"s point, Parker burns his own hand in the deep fryer. Parker then proceeds to eat his very own fingers, v the girl following suit, even offering mock a bite of hers at one point. And, if friend can think it, it just gets weirder native there.

Nickelodeon bespeak a collection of full-length episodes based upon the shorts in 2005, v a pilot comprised the reused material from the shorts airing in December of that year. Mr. Meaty officially premiered its an initial season top top Nickelodeon in 2006, through 10 episodes airing on the network indigenous September to December. In march of 2007, the present was moved to Nickelodeon"s sisters channel, Nicktoons Network (now simply well-known as Nicktoons), i beg your pardon aired Season 1"s remaining two episodes. Nicktoons go on come air all eight illustration of Mr. Meaty"s second and final season, i beg your pardon ran native December of 2008 to might of 2009.

The full-length collection certainly didn"t ton things down, featuring together memorable episodes as "The Fries the Bind" -- in i m sorry Parker it s okay in a fight v Josh and takes a new job in ~ a soy-based restaurant throughout the food court, only to discover its employees are actually a cult that setup to sacrifice and also eat the -- and "Wedgelor," whereby Josh"s plan to mass up takes a turn as soon as he accidentally unleashes a wedgie-obsessed demon in the mall. And lest we forget "Schnozzola," where Josh and also Parker by chance burn off their friend"s nose and also replace it through a sausage.

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Quite possibly the most infamous episode the the entire series, however, is "Moochmaster P." -- otherwise recognized as "the tapeworm episode." once looking increase discussion regarding Mr. Meaty online, you will no doubt find plenty of recollections the the episode in which Parker ingests a raw burger and gives himself a hideously creepy (and absurdly large) tapeworm that proceeds to run amok approximately the mall, eating everything in sight. Josh ultimately gets the tapeworm the end of Parker through a fishing rod, climate sells it come an Australian zookeeper, who proceeds to ingest that himself.

For the reason regarding why Mr. Meaty was permitted to be so peculiar, it"s vital to note that the present wasn"t yes, really intended for kids, or at the very least not younger kids. Rather, when the surrealist puppet display aired as component of Nickelodeon"s main lineup, it was designed to appeal to teenagers, through executive producer Jack Lenz comparing it come Mike Judge"s Beavis and also Butt-Head.

Furthermore, as formerly mentioned, when Mr. Meaty took things to a new level, Nickelodeon to be no stranger to surrealist feeling beforehand, through co-creator Hopley specifically naming Ren & Stimpy as among the show"s inspirations. As much as other influences, Hopley also says his time working at a movie theater concession stand was a resource of story ideas.

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Mr. Meaty to be a many things. It to be hilarious, gross, an innovative and terrifying every at once. But, if that is cult status has taught us anything, it"s that over all, it to be memorable.