Annemarie’s mommy is a kind, gentle, and also yet fiercely brave woman committed to resisting the fascist routine which has actually occupied she city and threatened she closest friends. Mama is a nurturer to she core, and also though she reeling from the ache of shedding her eldest daughter Lise, she remains attentive and devoted to Annemarie and little Kirsti. In ~ the very same time, she understands that she has a duty to more than simply her very own family—and shoulders the burden of working alongside her brothers Henrik to assist smuggle Danish Jews throughout the sea to Sweden v grace, grit, and determination.

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Mrs. Johansen/Mama price quotes in Number the Stars

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).Note: all web page numbers and citation details for the quotes listed below refer come the house turn Mifflin edition of Number the Stars published in 1989.
Chapter 1Quotes

“Mama, is over there anything to eat?” Annemarie asked, hope to take her mother’s mind away from the soldiers.

“Take part bread. And also give a piece to your sister.”

“With butter?” Kirsti asked hopefully.

“No butter,” her mommy replied. “You recognize that.”

Kirsti sighed together Annemarie went to the breadbox in the kitchen. “I great I could have a cupcake,” she said. “A large yellow cupcake, v pink frosting.”

Her mommy laughed. “For a tiny girl, you have a long memory,” she told Kirsti. “There there is no been any type of butter, or sugar for cupcakes, for a long time. A year, in ~ least.”

“When will certainly there be cupcakes again?”

“When the war ends,” Mrs. Johansen said. She glanced through the window, down to the street corner where the soldiers stood, their faces impassive in ~ the steel helmets. “When the soldiers leave.”

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Chapter 3Quotes

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Alone in the apartment if Mama was out shopping v Kirsti, Annemarie and also Ellen were sprawled on the living room floor play with file dolls. They had reduced the dolls from Mama’s magazines, old persons she had saved from previous years. The paper ladies had old-fashioned hair styles and also clothes, and also the girl had provided them names native Mama’s very favorite book. Mama had actually told Annemarie and Ellen the whole story the Gone through the Wind, and the girls thought it much much more interesting and romantic 보다 the king-and-queen tales that Kirsti loved.

“Come, Melanie,” Annemarie said, walking she doll across the leaf of the rug. “Let’s dress for the ball.”

“All right, Scarlett, i’m coming,” Ellen responded in a sophisticated voice. She to be a talented performer; she frequently played the leading roles in institution dramatics. Games of the imagination were always fun once Ellen played.