Annemarie is the protagonist, or main character in the novel, and also can be viewed as the heroine. She is a tall, blonde, ten-year-old Christian girl life in Copenhagen, Denmark during people War II. Annemarie is a dynamic character. She changes during the food of the novel because of her experiences and actions. We are conscious of Annemarie"s changes since Lowry narrates Number the Stars in the 3rd person minimal omniscient viewpoint in order to reveal Annemarie"s thoughts and feelings.

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When the novel begins, Annemarie is a reasonably innocent child. She runs races through her best friend, Ellen Rosen, and plays paper dolls. She is annoyed due to the fact that there space Nazi soldiers in ~ every corner. She is aware of the alters that her household has had actually to it is adapted to, such as food and also fuel shortages. Annemarie understands the she mustn"t attract attention come herself, that she demands "to be one of the crowd." every little thing has changed for Annemarie. The only constants in she life are fairy tales.

Annemarie starts to shed her innocence when she realizes that Ellen"s life is in danger. She proves her friendship through Ellen countless times through protecting her from the Nazis. At her house, she pulls Ellen"s Star of David necklace off she neck to store the Nazis from understanding that Ellen is Jewish. She later on realizes the she need to lie to safeguard Ellen and also other Jews, so she pretends the she is mourning a great-aunt the doesn"t exist. Finally, Annemarie faces the Nazis alone in the woods, and, relying ~ above the little Red talk Hood fairy story for courage, she bravely stands approximately the Nazis.

Annemarie to learn the definition of bravery. She understands native her suffer that ordinary world are dubbed upon to it is in courageous. She additionally realizes the it is much simpler to be courageous if friend don"t know the extent of the danger. Annemarie knows that bravery is the result of stand up for what you think in, regardless of the dangers.

At the end of the novel, the war is over and Annemarie is optimistic that Ellen and her parents will return. As a symbol of her friendship through Ellen, she put on Ellen"s Star the David Necklace come wear till she have the right to personally return it to Ellen.

Ellen Rosen

Ellen Rosen is a short, stocky, dark-haired, ten-year-old Jewish girl. She resides in Copenhagen, Denmark v her parents in the apartment over Annemarie"s apartment. Ellen is Annemarie"s best friend. Although we perform not know Ellen"s thoughts and feelings, us do recognize from Annemarie"s monitorings that Ellen did adjust during the course of the novel.

Ellen is terrified when she is be separate from she parents. She continues to be with the Johansens and when the Nazis pertained to the door demanding to know who she is, she courageously pretends to it is in Lise, Annemarie"s larger sister who is dead. Ellen goes with Annemarie, Kirsti, and Mrs. Johansen come Uncle Henrik"s wherein she is soon reunited with she parents. At her parents side, "it was as if Ellen had moved . . . Into a various world, the world of her own family and also whatever place ahead because that them."

Ellen and also her parents do it safely to neutral Sweden. ~ the war, Lowry go not disclose whether they go back to Copenhagen, however the ton is positive that they will certainly return.

Mr. And Mrs. Johansen and also Henrik

Mr. And also Mrs. Johansen are Annemarie"s parents, and Henrik is her uncle. Mr. And also Mrs. Johansen and also Henrik room loving and wise human being who have a positive influence on Annemarie. Mr. And Mrs. Johansen exhibit their bravery by protecting Ellen from the Nazis as soon as the Nazis find their apartment, again on the train when the Nazis question their destination, and also later in ~ Uncle Henrik"s home when the Jews room "paying their final respects" come Great-aunt Birte.

Uncle Henrik is likewise courageous. He is a fisherman. He risks his life, hiding Jews in the hollowed out area in the bottom that his boat, by taking them to neutral Sweden. Every three world know what it method to it is in brave and to stand up for what you believe is right.

Peter Neilsen

Peter Neilsen to be a redheaded young Danish male who had actually been engaged to Annemarie"s sister, Lise. Peter had been choose an larger fun-loving brothers to Annemarie and also her sister, however after Lise"s death, that changed. He seldom stopped by their apartment come visit, and also when he did, he was rushed and also serious. Periodically he brought Annemarie"s parental the De Frie Danske, an illegal newspaper backed by the Danish Resistance. The Danish Resistance was a group of courageous young civilization who secretly arranged operations to bring harm come the Nazis and lead the Jewish world to safety.

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Peter was important in arranging the arrangement to help the Rosen family and the various other Jews escape Nazi-occupied Denmark. If Ellen invested the night in ~ the Johansens, Mr. And Mrs. Rosen were in hiding v Peter.

At the finish of the novel, we find out that Peter was caught by the Germans and also executed in the public square in Copenhagen. Peter passed away for what he thought — "he to be proud to have actually done what he could for his country and also for the benefits of all cost-free people."