When Odysseus goes come the Underworld, the blind prophet Tiresias tells him come act with restraint and control. Find two instances after this visit, wherein Odysseus walk not perform this.
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when Odysseus visits the Underworld and Tiresias advises Odysseus not to do certain things, Odysseus assures to heed his words, but later on, the does no obey the warning.

In book 11, Tiresias says to Odysseus,

"...if you will certainly curb her spirit and your comrades.

As shortly as you’ve...

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When Odysseus access time the Underworld and Tiresias advises Odysseus not to do details things, Odysseus assures to heed his words, yet later on, the does not obey the warning.

In publication 11, Tiresias claims to Odysseus,

"...if you will curb your spirit and your comrades.

As quickly as did you do it escaped the dark blue sea

and reached the island the Thrinacia

in your sturdy ship, you’ll find grazing there

the cattle and rich flocks of Helios,

who hears and also watches end everything.

If friend leave lock unharmed and also keep your mind

on her return, you might reach Ithaca,

though you’ll have trouble. But if girlfriend touch them,

then i foresee destruction for your crew,

for you, and also for your ship."

Firstly, Tiresias advises Odysseus come restrain his men. ~ the men effectively get v the dangers of the Sirens and Scylla and Charybdis, Odysseus" crew wants to protect against on the island that Helios, however Odysseus describes that castle can"t, he was warned against it. The males argue, and also Odysseus provides in, make the guys promise no to kill the cattle and flocks that Helios. Odysseus walk not present restraint by allowing his crew to stop and rest ~ above this island.

Then, the men are required to spend a month ~ above the island since of the winds. Odysseus goes turn off to pray and also sleep and while that is gone he is unable to stop the men from killing some of the cattle. Homer writes,

"They quickly rounded up the finest beasts

from Helios’ herd, which to be close by,

sleek, broad-faced pets with curving horns grazing close to the

dark-prowed ship. Mine comrades

…cut the creature’s throats,

flayed them, and cut out portions of the thighs."

So the guys kill the cattle, and have to confront the wrath that the god Helios.

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These 2 examples, of once Odysseus doesn"t restrain his men and stops in ~ the island, and then when he doesn"t avoid them from killing the cattle, room two examples where Odysseus does not display restraint and also control according to the warnings the Tiresias.